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Project Management Consultancy

Large-scale projects such as digital supply chain transformation utilize expertise in digital transformation to provide significant benefit across customer service outcomes, revenue growth, cost reduction, improved forecasting, and business agility. Moreover, digital operations play an imperative role to ensure seamless integration and execution of digital supply chain transformation projects, enabling organizations to attain their desired business outcomes. Creating innovative systems to achieve business projects guarantees improved outcomes and reduced challenges, as well as ensuring the project is completed quickly and within budget parameters.

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Project management consulting services integrate innovations from digital transformation and organizational change to support the planning, execution, and continued management of large projects. This process incorporates the identification of non-profitable dynamics, creation of improved practices for project management and decision-making, and the design of execution strategy to maximize growth. Cognitute's project consulting services reduces challenges in coordination between aspects, reduces roadblocks that may slow down project completion, as well as increases return on investment.


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How Cognitute Project Consultants benefit Clients

Each organization is unique across aspects such as industry, performance, culture, and needs. This is why it is essential for project management consulting approaches to be individually tailored to align with the organization’s individual requirements.

Project consultants assist in diagnosing challenges or flaws that have been preventing progress, allowing processes, tools, and teams to be adapted for risk mitigation and success in a way that supports the core culture of the organization. Portfolio management, which can be high-stress and high-risk, can be objectively and reliably evaluated and advised upon by consultants, providing guidance on essential resources and investments. The utilization of a project consultant creates a more agile organization that is well-prepared for change.

Whether the project is small or critically large, Cognitute's project management consultants ensure that issues can be solved quickly, efficiently, and with a maximum positive impact across the organization.

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Our Project Management Consultants

Bhargavi Agrawal - CEO and Co Founder

Bhargavi Agrawal

CEO & Co founder

US, Europe

Rohan Sharma - Partner

Rohan Sharma

Director & Partner (Business & Corporate Strategy)

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Anukesh Lal - Sr Consultant

Anukesh Lal

Sr Consultant (Cybersecurity)


Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner

Ashok Deepan

Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

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