Digital Orchestration To Amplify Unequaled Business Potential
Harness true capabilities to articulate desired cross-functional outcomes and amplified intelligence by pivoting towards superior digital maturity.

 IT Technology Consulting Services

Early digital adopters are charting successfully through the clouded competitive landscape and activating customer-centric frontlines more responsive than ever before. Embracing digital operating models not just breaks silos, but drives inclusive unipolar vision across people and systems. 

Digital environs are changing the fundamentals of business climates literally over a fortnight, rewarding early entrants with game-changing outcomes. To reap benefits from the ever-evolving digital systems, organizations must craft an inventive and bold digital strategy that trajects its portfolios into an uncluttered competitive orbit generating sustained outcomes.

Cognitute technology consulting services catapults businesses through anchored augmentation of intelligent automation, advanced data analytics, Robotic Process Transformation, IoT, and blockchain. On a global stage, Cognitute’s recognition as an ideal digital accelerator is rivaled due to its inventive methodologies to survey and supplement the current digital ecosystem whilst a parallel transformation roadmap is laid, reducing costs and adoption failure rates for our clients.

Data Points Derived
Average Client ROI
Uplift in Customer Experience
92.7 %
Adoption Rate
Uplift in Customer Experience
Avg Boost In Sales

Differentiated flexi consulting offerings for Startups and Small Businesses.  

Our IT Technology Consultants

Divyanshu Dubey - Sr Consultant Digital Transformation from Cognitute

Divyanshu Dubey

Sr Consultant Digital Transformation

APAC, India, US, UK

Rashid Kaleem - Associate Consultant

Rashid Kaleem

Associate Consultant - Technology

Asia, US, UK, Middle East

Sanjiv Jagdish - Associate Partner

Sanjiv Jagdish

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation, Business Strategy)

US, APAC Region, Middle East

Anukesh Lal - Sr Consultant

Anukesh Lal

Sr Consultant (Cybersecurity)


Alice Madavane - AVP

Alice Madavane

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

France, Switzerland Region

Nisar Ahmed - AVP

Nisar Ahmed

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

Europe - France, Belgium; APAC

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