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Most organizations take cognizance that it is now imperative to be a digital native. However, few leaders have a false notion–equating digital transformation as deployment of digital systems across the strategic business environment and having such an approach typically doesn’t surpass the drawing board stage or has a high mortality rate. A digital transformation program is more holistic. The key lever for a triumphant digital strategy is an innovative forward-thinking approach–nestling technology proportionately between the organization’s vision, strategic objectives, and people to mitigate adversities, unlock emerging opportunities, diversify customer base and revenue, and create a pathway to a sustainable future. 

A potent purpose-led digital strategy allows reimagining of business operations, designing and launching ground-breaking digital ventures, and achieving unprecedented levels of sustainable success. Cognitute’s transformation consulting removes uncertainty by embracing collaboration at different layers within the organization to guarantee an optimal outcome with minimal risk. At Cognitute, a multidisciplinary network of digital experts are driven to identify natural strategic and operational barriers and develop solutions at every stage—from designing digital transformation roadmaps to driving transformation across the floor. Our digital transformation consulting services not only help organizations design and launch groundbreaking digital ventures, but also assist in developing an effective change management strategy by identifying natural strategic and operational barriers, ultimately resulting in unprecedented levels of sustainable success.

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Sailing Digital Transformation With Cognitute

Creation of a decisive outcome-driven digital transformation roadmap is crucial for mapping the overarching digital vision with strategic outcomes to mitigate conventional transformation perils, gain a more sustained competitive edge, and lead new frontiers as early challengers. Digital strategy should be uniquely tailored to the ambitions, challenges, and opportunities specific to an industry while being able to dynamically flex to the current needs of the business model and defend organizations during the vicious metamorphosis of business climates. Nearly 70% of organizations fail in digital transformation programs, incurring surmountable OPEX burn. This debilitated transformational outcome is due to a poorly designed digital roadmap that lacks the key insights of the strategic environment including customers and competition, unaccounted operational levers, rapid digitization, and disconnected people strategy. 

Cognitute deploys a proprietary digital transformation framework inferred from thousands of data signals from within and outside the business landscape and seconded by a robust digital maturity index assessment. Our consultants then couple the organization's strategic vision and objectives including operating models, and the portfolio’s financial aspirations, which bring in crystal clear visibility and a pathway to achieve strategic outcomes at a turbocharged pace. With our unique approach, we help organizations align their digital operations with their strategic goals, enabling them to achieve desired outcomes quickly and efficiently.

No two digital transformation initiatives are the same. At Cognitute, we combine innovative frameworks, multidisciplinary tools, and a decade of industry-specific case repositories to help our clients accelerate digital transformation. Our diverse mix of experts in business, design, data, and engineering, collaborate to craft ideas into reality. Liaising between disciplines also allows navigation through complex challenges and predicts future states much easier. Cognitute’s digital transformation consulting services help organizations blueprint, strategize and implement transformation programs to achieve surmountable long-term value and generate ground-breaking total shareholder returns.


Outcome- Guaranteed, Metrics Fueled Contract

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Current generational innovators and CXOs need next-gen forward-thinking enablers who can own core business metrics. Contrary to conventional advisory, Cognitute digital transformation consultants draft transparent milestones with symbiotic outcomes that are tethered to the commercial component of the contract. This activates strong accountability and mitigates common pitfalls during the transformation journey. Ingrained in our deep-rooted vision of societal impact, Cognitute’s proprietary consulting 4.0 framework is engineered to not just partner with organizations but walk alongside leaders to disrupt the status quo in a global arena.



Data Intelligence Propelled Digital Transformation Roadmap

Enormous volume of data flows across the business environment–Tapping into the right data well spotlights underlying capabilities and weak areas to focus on. Companies that have architected digital business transformation by leveraging data have had a higher success rate and lead the global marketplace as innovators and challengers. Alongside integrated business strategy, governance, leadership commitment, and workforce culture, it is imperative to couple insight-led data platforms to drive digital transformation across the portfolio. DX programs don’t succeed over a fortnight–It needs a nimble, agile, incremental execution based on predictive insights to ensure the program doesn’t stall or consume heavy capital. Cognitute’s digital consulting services amplify transformation programs by applying emerging technologies and data intelligence to drive sustainable results.



Embedding Digital Culture Into Digital Transformation Model

Leadership commitment, high-calibre talent pools, people empowerment, and workforce culture are some of the direct levers that influence the success of the transformation. Organizations must embed deep culture within their most critical asset–People. Even during challenging times, with the right enablers, companies have emerged resilient and more innovative by activating true human capabilities. While technology is shaping the new future of work, talent upskilling, ownership delegation, and flat decision hierarchy has led to innovations that have leapfrogged organizations to lead new frontiers. At Cognitute, we integrate culture right from the CXO office to the middle management and incentivize core stakeholders during the entire transformation journey to create differentiated value, and develop new products and solutions meant to move markets.


Augment Digital Transformation With Cognitute Through An Outcome-Led Partnership.

Digital Transformation Offerings


Digital Maturity Index Assessment

Digital maturity is a key measurement of an organization’s current ability to create meaningful value through digital means. It’s also one of the most critical indices to discover at what stage an organization is currently at compared to the market needs, global benchmarks, and industry peers. In the current digital economy, digital maturity is a predictor of the success of an organization. Organizations with a low level of digital maturity are likely to struggle with performance, profit, time to market, and adaptability. Maturity assessments also provide key insights and diagnostics regarding digital capability and performance. Rich insights gained from the assessment allow streamlined, targeted digital transformation roadmaps and frameworks based on identified key areas for improvement. Cognitute’s powerful maturity diagnostic tool is a blend of manual survey and data-intelligence driven platform that can be easily plugged into the business ecosystem–It’s designed to uncover digital gaps and extract key indicators across the supply chain, operations, marketing and sales, customer experience, and all support functions. Cognitute transformation consultants then design an agile transformation roadmap that is outcome-led and risk-averse.

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Digital Transformation Strategy And Road Map

Only few organizations realize that digital transformation is not about replacing human capabilities but reinforcing it back to yield maximized output. In current cluttered marketplaces, resources are finite and organizations need to perform more with less by using finite resources optimally. Different paths can lead to digital transformation–An organization may look into introducing AI and blockchain into their customer experience, whilst others might want to reinvigorate supply chain and operations. Across industries, CEOs are under pressure to generate superior TSR (Total Shareholder Return) but are recognizing and prioritizing digital transformation as a centerpiece of their overarching strategic initiatives.

Superlative digital transformation strategy can unlock new opportunities, allow adaptability, innovate great products and solutions, chart operational excellence, and spur sustainable growth in the medium and long term.  However, a necessary factor to guarantee these positive outcomes is the liaison with digital strategy professionals, who can mitigate challenges, reduce conflict of priorities, re-align processes and performance indicators, recalibrate operating models, and more. A unique, customized digital strategy that is aligned to the goals and challenges of an organization will enable early recognition, improved values, and establish a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Digital Strategy for Acceleration

Digital strategy consulting for acceleration is about optimizing digital ecosystems for the creation of digital value and generating ROI. Assessment of portfolios, development of M&A playbook, identification of emerging opportunities, and evaluation of digital deals, growth and innovation strategies are a few of the objectives under the digital strategy for acceleration. Cognitute digital strategy consultants design digital ecosystems that are responsive to market forces and innovate great products and solutions to captivate customers and leapfrog to untapped areas as leaders.

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Digital Strategy for Optimization

Implementation of digital operations, automation of operations, deployment of intelligent automation such as RPA, and identifying digitization and digitalization opportunities of current operational capabilities are some of the core strategic initiatives under digital strategy consulting for optimization. Organizations who have holistically embarked towards digital supply chain innovation, digitization of existing front-end delivery, automation of pricing and/or marketing, improving digital customer experience, and more have generated higher values for their shareholders, and community as a whole in comparison to their peers–leading. Utilization of the right digital business models rewards businesses with lowered cash burns, reduced global carbon footprint, and resilience during turbulent times.

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All transformation starts somewhere. Schedule an appointment with our transformation consultants for a non-obligatory maturity assessment.

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Digital maturity assessment is the primary axis to commence the journey towards data-enabled disruptive organizations. Inferred from this assessment, digital leaders are gearing up capabilities with a clear vision to exploit their current digital landscape to its maximum potential

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COO and Co Founder
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Our Digital Transformation Consultants

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Divyanshu Dubey

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Managing Director & Partner

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AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation, Business Strategy)

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Frequently asked questions about digital transformation:

What is digital transformation?
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Digital transformation is a term describing a structured organizational change which aims to change and improve the culture of an organization, modernize and adapt business models, transform tools and technology, and optimize digital skills and processes.

What processes are involved in digital transformation?
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There are a number of processes involved in a digital transformation process, and this can vary depending on industry. The transformation is likely to involve modernizing IT systems (moving from hardware to software, for example), adopting new technology or platforms, and implementing new business strategies. Processes will likely follow trends to prioritize customer experience, and diversify customer base and profits.

Why would a business or organisation need digital transformation?
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In the modern world, the bulk of the economy is digital. This means that a successful business will need to digitize in order to maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace, while businesses that lag behind are likely to lose this edge and become unable to thrive and adapt to change.

Which industries is digital transformation relevant to?
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In short, all industries globally are affected by digital change, and will need to digitally transform in order for continued future success. However, industry-to-industry, the scale of the impact differs, depending on factors such as reliance on technology, type of technology typically used by the industry, and recent industry-specific advancements.

When is the right time to begin a digital transformation?
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A general rule of maintaining a competitive edge in the global market is to monitor and follow trends early, and this remains true for digital transformation. It is critical to change quickly to avoid being left behind the curve, as the benefits of digital transformation are shown to be greatest when this process is carried out proactively. The best time for digital transformation was yesterday - and the second-best time is now.

What are some benefits of digital transformation?
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Digital transformation benefits include, but are not limited to, a cutting-edge competitive advantage both within and across industries, stream-lined business models, improved cost-effectiveness, adaptable organization cultures, improved innovation, and increased technical capacity.

Are there any digital transformation challenges or drawbacks?
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Like any large-scale change, there are risks and drawbacks to digital transformation. Primarily, digital transformation requires consistent effort and planning to be successful, which can be difficult, and may be resisted by employees or management depending on existing culture. The outcomes of digital transformation, especially if this has been carried out without a road-map and sufficient support, are not always guaranteed, which can be daunting in an investment of this scale.

Despite these potential digital transformation challenges, digital transformation is a necessity in the global economy, making it essential to carry out digital transformation with the right support and planning to make the process a success. With sufficient planning and research or use of a consulting service such as Cognitute, the benefits are likely to greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

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