Predict and interpret rapidly evolving customer shifts to captivate markets and unleash underlying digital and human capabilities
By leveraging the right mix of data, technology and human capabilities, pivot from analog operating models to decipher and respond to market shifts, unlock sustainable digital channels with superior ROI.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital channels are an imperative economic driver for organizations in the current rapidly evolving digital business climate. Accelerated by changing consumer needs and behavior, digital will remain a critical enabler to moving markets and inventing products at an unprecedented rate–Roles of digital marketers and CMOs are dynamically changing virtually over a fortnight, increasing pressure to captivate customers through their digital marketing funnel and churn for repeat transactions. The key to activating a purpose-led marketing engine is an agile digital marketing strategy, integrated marketing and growth ecosystems nestled between data intelligence, human and tech capabilities that foster an experimental-test-learn methodology, and one that embraces a customer-centric approach. With a plethora of levers that need to fit together and yet stay aligned to the broader strategic objectives of an organization, finding the right operating model and framework is challenging–This is where digital strategists and digital marketing experts of multidisciplinary backgrounds play a crucial role in defining the right model, roadmaps to transform digital marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing consultants at Cognitute help clients activate an unparalleled marketing machine meant not just to outperform their peers in terms of topline growth, market share, brand visibility index, positive customer sentiments, brand advocacy, and more but also to derive predictive rich insights from both the internal strategic environment and the marketplace utilized to make the next big move and lead frontiers as challengers. Our digital marketing consulting services incorporate both growth and innovation, with the goal of not only increasing top-line growth and market share, but also staying ahead of the competition by using predictive insights to sustain success and be a trailblazer in the industry. We help discover, develop, define outcomes, and deploy all the critical levers needed for an incumbent digital marketing engine owning core KPIs as our own.

Exfoliating The Traditional Digital Marketing As A Service

Traditional digital strategy approaches don’t spark growth, making marketing function as mere survivors. What today’s global businesses require is a new paradigm that prioritizes, spotlights, and transforms organizations as innovative marketers and customer-centric leaders. At Cognitute, we understand that a successful marketing strategy must go beyond traditional digital marketing approaches and prioritize innovation, customer-centric leadership, and the ability to make informed choices. One of the key hidden challenges is usually the most fundamental one-CHOICES, Marketers now have an array of choices, and staying consistent and focused on an unilocular funneled strategy not just reaps results but trajects organizations into the competitive advantage orbit. Organizations that master the 5 core pillars build not just the foundation of growth, but experiment; learn and move faster through the cluttered boundaryless competitive landscape. Cognitute digital marketing consultants unleash the true potential of an organization's digital initiatives through these core pillars.

Integrated Marketing-Sales Engine

Conventional marketing and sales functions have different priorities, the former building traction and the latter converting the traction to healthier revenues. Tethering to one another’s cycles is important to prevent redundant cross-purpose objectives, and to optimize metrics side by side. Integrated marketing sales isn’t just harmonizing people, successful organizations incorporate inclusive strategies by aligning all processes, levers, and frameworks through data-driven decisions by warehousing information in a single location that can be viewed and interpreted for meaningful insights, achieving overarching goals and gaining a competitive edge.


Digital, Advanced-Data, and Insights Ecosystem

Developing the underlying technical capabilities alongside a culture that enables a more agile, data-driven marketing and sales organization is the precursor to building a foundation for growth. Adopting new emerging technologies and trends to the digitization efforts and digital sales balances the go-to-market interventions and traditional sales-force levers. Digital operations is a key component in this effort, as it provides the technical capabilities, data-driven approach, and personalized experiences needed to drive sustainability and support a more agile marketing and sales organization. Deep behavioral insights and performance analytics further drive these sustainable selling models and help to identify the right channel mix, ultimately rendering personalized experiences for customers.


Cultivates Experimentation Culture

In the current business ecosystem, run-of-the-mill marketing approaches stagnant growth. Innovation is enabled through experimental culture. Companies that leverage a deep understanding of customers are moving markets and customers’ hearts through robust A/B tests of process frameworks and strategies. Test-and-learn culture doesn’t just throw light on solutions, but rather identifies underpinning capabilities that the organization is yet to tap on and marketing functions to quickly respond to changing market conditions.


Customer Experience-Centered  Efforts

Customer experience has been a potent lever to measure the success of any marketing efforts. Where marketing and selling today have gone beyond omnichannel presence to a metaverse world, diminishing customer purchasing power parity, and transactions occurring on day-to-day social engagement apps, personalized customer experience is the new imperative. In the entire lifecycle of awareness, intention, desire, and action, it’s about showcasing to customers when, where, and why they need you across all touchpoints. One such innovation that has transformed customer experience is neuromarketing where confectionary leader–Cadbury exploits neuromarketing capabilities by applying it to its marketing campaign initiatives and remains a leader in brand advocacy.


Capitalizing Human Capabilities

CMOs need to lean towards the future of work by cultivating Digital leadership–for enabling transformative growth, Creativity–a powerful antidote for risk and experimental culture, Authority delegation–embracing decision making with ownership, and lastly Evergreen skilling–for progressive growth. Stimulating the right mix of these capital enablers, organizations have consistently shared success stories during turbulent, face-paced, demanding conditions and have unlocked the true potentials of their people reducing strategic gaps and accelerating growth faster than the market benchmark.


SMARTSHORE and revitalize your digital marketing function with assured ROI contracts.

Metrics Guaranteed Engagement

Global forces and evolving market trends are creating unwarranted havoc on mundane conventional digital marketing strategies and current marketing leaders need disruptors more than enablers–disruptors who not just challenge the status quo but embrace outcomes as their own and drive core business metrics, creating a roadmap to sustainability. Mastering integrated digital marketing capabilities, a customer-centric approach, and value-driven ROI means deciphering the right insights to reach the right audience with the right personalized message through the right channels. Our digital marketing experts and strategists deploy Cognitute’s proprietary digital marketing 4.0 framework to take a holistic outcome-guaranteed approach with clearly defined KPI metrics that are seamlessly tethered to the commercial component of the contract. We can do this because our commitment to ownership and symbiotic growth is anchored deep within our vision to create a societal impact on the community and society as a whole through our partner clients.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

As of 2022 close to 2 billion websites occupy the world's internet space and each of these site administrators are looking to outrank the rest. However, the search engine landscape and its ranking algorithms have drastically evolved since its inception. Run-of-the-mill SEO strategies generate short-term, temporary traffic gains. Outranking competitors with well-optimized SEO interventions is not easy as it seems and needs long-term commitment and initial capital investment for a sustained result. Even organizations with high-caliber SEO teams are mastering the art to dominate the search engines' real estate. Digital marketers today have a vast choice to amplify their SEO campaign and yet are still on the verge of deciphering the best moves to out beat their competitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven marketing strategy to organically increase brand visibility, meet sales objectives and attract customers to websites or mobile apps. Discover current generation SEO capabilities with Cognitute’s SEO consulting services. At Cognitute, we activate consulting 4.0 practice framework deployed as a BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer) owning key SEO metrics–primary, secondary, and tertiary including leads, customer acquisition, conversion rate, ROI, and revenue that are seamlessly integrated into the contract. Our turnkey SEO solutions cover the end-to-end strata of an SEO campaign.


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SEO Audits

SEO Playbook And Strategy

Technical SEO Optimization

On Page Strategy

Local SEO Strategy

Keyword Ranking Strategy

Link building Strategies

App Store Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

User Personas Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Content Process Automation

Content Pillar Research And Strategy

Social Media Consulting Services

Social Media presence today is not just imperative for a brand, but a vital extension of a brand's identity and channel to listen and communicate with their prospective customers and brand advocates. Organizations understand their brand like no other, however, fail to share their voice to the relevant audience, at the right period on the right channel using personalized communication leading to redundant efforts and high open burns. It is imperative to drive engagement that doesn’t dilute the brand position and yet captivates customers’ emotional decisions, distinctively from the competition. Marketing on social media is daunting in this fast-paced marketplace, brands that have decoded the secret to understanding their customers, market trends, and global forces by leveraging digitalization, data analytics, agile experiment-and-learn framework, integrated marketing-sales engines, and people-fuelled creativity are domineering in their industry at a global stage. Cognitute's digital marketing consulting services includes a social media consulting framework that is designed to tailor fit strategies, and monitor sustainable outcomes for any brand size, unleashing revolutionary social media practices that are meant to break frontiers and spur growth.


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Organic Social Amplification

Paid Social Interventions

Branding Strategy

Most of the admired brands have driven sustained financial impact and generated values for employees, customers, and internal stakeholders. However, on the contrary, it is also not true for all of the top brands. Poorly crafted brand strategies can waste precious budgets that are already stretched thin. Strategic brand building starts at the CXO office, inferred from deep rich insights, planted throughout the organization, powered by people, and religiously applied across all facets of a business. No brand strategy is “material” until it is embedded deep within the culture of the organization as it permeates into customer experience, the way the business operates, and stays inclusive at every single customer touchpoint. Conventional branding strategy such as consumer interviews, focus groups, and qualitative research is okay to get a superficial outline but a well synthesized heterogeneous source of insights from within the business and external environment–including business pulse, consumer insights, purchase behaviors, sales, and financial information, market trends, competitive landscaping renders a more holistic view to design the ideal brand strategy. Cognitute’s brand consultancy services take an unconventional approach to branding strategies–one that can answer sophisticated questions and one that can quantify every strategic tradeoff done during the process.


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Content 360 Engineering

Content is no longer a tool for communication–It is a powerful potent lever that connects with customers at an emotional layer influencing brand connect, purchase decisions, and advocacy at every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle. Technological disruptions and rapid shifts in business climates have emphasized digital channels above all else–giving rise to content more than ever before. In our recent research, we identified that organizations with an effective content marketing strategy had incorporated a high level of personalization, one that could create intimacy between customers and the brand, facilitating a long-term relationship. In a survey responded by 2000 leading brands, 56% of marketers reported that content designing is one of their most important strategic priorities, and almost 22% of their marketing budget is delegated to content and content marketing.


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Many brands have reaped gains from e-commerce, be it D2C CPGs or marketplace aggregators. Both emerging opportunities and threats have accelerated digitalization that’s risen out from the global pandemic, trade wars, and competition from startups. However, digital strategy and online channels alone don’t suffice for operating model sustainability. E-commerce demands the right enablers and levers–a few being integrated channels and functions, pricing, product strategy, digital operations, deep tech analytics, and current generational customer experience, and it is crucial for orchestrating all of these levers to gain true values and superlative outcomes. E-sales requires an end-to-end approach–one that is crafted to spark innovation and flexibility to be responsive during challenging times. Different organizations are at different phases of digital sales and customer service journey. Cognitute e-commerce marketing consultants are equipped to handle end-end nuances of e-commerce irrespective of the stage–even if it means launching e-commerce from scratch. Cognitute’s e-commerce marketing services are designed to extract maximum value by improving digital marketing efficiency, digital capabilities, data intelligence, and optimizing operations to suit the demands of today and the growth of tomorrow.


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