Craft A Revolutionary 360° Human-Centric focused Customer Experience

Activate an unparalleled customer experience across touchpoints, gain amplified intelligence on cognitive behaviors, and provision predictive consumer resolutions.


Innovative organizations understand great products stand out as a niche with delightful consumer experiences. Building differentiated CX design processes eliminates costs while yielding a loyal customer base, and content shareholders. Organizations that champion customer satisfaction and net promoter scores trigger superior shareholder returns. Organizations that embed customer-first culture, and deploy breakthrough CX design models stay relevant in the current competitive landscape, emerging as market leaders. 

Businesses that bring only incremental changes year-on-year don’t create meaningful impact as the duration, strategy, and framework are out of bounds from the present market landscape–leading to a loss in customer base and profits to their peers. Leaders who have holistically approached customer experience with a suite of multidisciplinary enablers–technology, culture, deep analytics, and behavioral science have mastered the art of customer-centrism, lead market innovation, generate superior customer lifecycles, and future-proof competitiveness. Cognitute's customer experience consulting services help businesses holistically approach customer experience by deploying agile frameworks rooted in data intelligence, workforce empowerment, and automation to orchestrate unified customer engagement, enhance operational excellence, and accelerate business impact.

Cognitute’s Customer Experience Strategy Approach

Outcome-Assured Consulting 4.0 Engagement

Cognitute's CX program is a unique approach to strategy consulting that is anchored on the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Unlike conventional advisory, Cognitute owns key outcomes and change risks, and tethers core business metrics to the commercial component of the contract to assure guaranteed outcomes and relief to stakeholders. This enables client functions to focus on strategic priorities while Cognitute's CX design consultants amplify strategic efforts. With this program, our CX consultants equip clients with the capabilities to assess and engineer market-disrupting CX strategies to win today and captivate marketplaces tomorrow, providing a cutting-edge approach to strategy consulting.

Reinvigorate End-to-End Customer Experience Chain

Organizations that synonymously innovate CX across all touchpoints of their portfolios front to back, gain a deep understanding of their customers, predict their emotional decisions, and influence organic customer actions. A clear, decisive customer journey mapping also improves efficiency and ownership across multifunctional teams. Cognitute customer experience specialists create a 360-degree customer experience strategy–one that is rooted in deep analytics, behavioral science, personalized journeys, and market trends, translating to intrinsically motivated customer actions.

Fostering Customer-Centric Culture

Theoretically, powering human-centered or customer-centric business seems challenging. However, in reality, 62% of companies who have invested heavy capital in customer experience transformation were only able to view a moderate increment in customer satisfaction between 4% to 6% YoY. Non-religious strategies, lack of stakeholders' buy-in, siloed multidisciplinary functions, and mere automation of processes using mundane cloud applications are some causes of setbacks. We lead the CX Transformation front-end–activate and nurture culture across the floor, synchronizing virtually every last mile of the workforce and own change barriers through the journey.

Leveraging AI and Data Intelligence In Customer Experience

To gain a 360-degree consistency and view of customers, our consultants draft a clear-cut blueprint of the current ecosystem and unify customer engagement across all touchpoints using cohesive technologies– This includes centralizing omnichannel experiences, thereafter deep behavioral science and machine intelligence-driven data ecosystems are integrated to derive rich insights– Utilized to predict the next best move and design the ideal strategy and framework in accordance with the broader strategic objectives. Furthermore, our consultants leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize digital operations, streamline processes, and enhance customer experience across all touchpoints.

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Identify CX design gaps over a zero obligation encapsulation consultation.

Differentiated flexi consulting offerings for Startups and Small Businesses.

Our Customer Experience (CX) Experts

Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner

Ashok Deepan

Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Nick Heydari - Associate Partner Cognitute Digital Marketing Consultant

Nick Heyadri

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Growth & Marketing 4.0)

US, Australia, APAC Region

Alice Madavane - AVP

Alice Madavane

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

France, Switzerland Region

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