Develop A Groundbreaking Human-Centric Customer Experience

Implement an exceptional customer experience at every point of contact, gather enhanced insights on customer behaviors and preferences, and provide proactive solutions.


Innovative organizations recognize that exceptional products coupled with delightful customer experiences can set them apart from the competition. By implementing unique CX design processes, they can reduce costs while building a dedicated customer base, resulting in increased shareholder satisfaction. Companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and net promoter scores tend to achieve higher returns for their shareholders. Those that foster a customer-centric culture and utilize innovative CX design strategies remain competitive and become leaders in their respective markets. 

Organizations that make only small, incremental changes year after year are not likely to make a significant impact on their market position and may lose customers and profits to competitors because their strategies and frameworks are not aligned with the current market landscape. On the other hand, leaders who take a comprehensive approach to customer experience by leveraging technology, culture, analytics, and behavioral science have become experts in customer-centricity by driving innovation in the market, creating long-lasting customer relationships, and ensuring that their businesses remain competitive. Cognitute's customer experience solutions leverage flexible and data-driven frameworks, employee empowerment, and automation to create cohesive customer engagement, improve operational excellence, and accelerate business success.

Cognitute’s Approach to Customer Experience Management Solutions

Outcome-Assured Consulting 4.0 Engagement

Cognitute's CX program is an exceptional approach to strategy consulting that revolves around the innovative Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Unlike traditional advisory, Cognitute's model assumes responsibility for critical outcomes and change risks. Moreover, Cognitute correlates fundamental business metrics to the commercial component of the agreement, ensuring reliable outcomes and reassurance for stakeholders. Consequently, this allows clients to prioritize their strategic objectives while leveraging the expertise of Cognitute's CX design consultants to amplify their efforts. Through this program, Cognitute's CX consultants equip clients with the tools and techniques to evaluate and develop disruptive CX strategies that are designed to not only win today but to captivate marketplaces tomorrow, delivering a cutting-edge and innovative approach to strategy consulting.

Reinvigorate End-to-End Customer Experience Chain

Businesses that holistically innovate their customer experience strategies across all touchpoints throughout their portfolio can gain a profound understanding of their customers, anticipate their emotional decisions, and inspire authentic customer actions. Furthermore, implementing a clear and concise customer journey mapping framework can lead to greater efficiency and ownership across multifunctional teams. Cognitute's customer experience specialists are dedicated to crafting comprehensive 360-degree customer experience strategies that are founded on a bedrock of deep analytics, behavioral science, personalized journeys, and market trends. As a result, this leads to the creation of customer-centric experiences that intrinsically motivate customers to engage and take action.

Fostering Customer-Centric Culture

In theory, the endeavor to empower human-centered or customer-centric businesses may seem daunting. Yet, in actuality, a mere 62% of enterprises that have poured a considerable amount of resources into customer experience transformation have witnessed only a moderate uptick in customer satisfaction ranging between 4% to 6% year-on-year. This underwhelming result stems from factors such as non-committal approaches, insufficient stakeholder buy-in, fragmented multidisciplinary functions, and a mere automatization of processes via unremarkable cloud-based applications. At the vanguard of customer experience services, we take charge of the front-end, instilling and cultivating a culture that permeates every inch of the workplace, syncing every last leg of the workforce, and obliterating impediments to change throughout the journey.

Leveraging AI and Data Intelligence In Customer Experience

In order to attain a comprehensive and holistic understanding of customers, our expert consultants craft an unequivocal blueprint of the current ecosystem and harmonize customer engagement across all touchpoints through the implementation of cohesive technologies, this includes the centralization of omnichannel experiences. Subsequently, sophisticated behavioral science and machine learning-powered data ecosystems are integrated to extract valuable insights that are utilized to anticipate the next best move and engineer an ideal strategy and framework that aligns with broader strategic goals. Moreover, our seasoned consultants harness state-of-the-art technologies to optimize digital operations, simplify processes, and elevate customer experience across all touchpoints, ensuring maximum impact and value for the client.

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Our Customer Experience (CX) Experts

Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner

Ashok Deepan

Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Nick Heydari - Associate Partner Cognitute Digital Marketing Consultant

Nick Heyadri

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Growth & Marketing 4.0)

US, Australia, APAC Region

Alice Madavane - AVP

Alice Madavane

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

France, Switzerland Region

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