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Organizational & Change Management Consulting

Excavating growth and profits; retaining and reenergizing workforce; moving markets and captivating customers; Achieving sustainable social impact– All these require core organizational levers to tether seamlessly to revitalize and create a profound impact. Cognitute’s change management consultants and experts were able to decipher all the essential organizational levers derived from decades of use case repositories fed into our proprietary intelligence engines –The output was then correlated with inventive research methodologies and simulated deep within ongoing consulting assignments. Using these intelligence-driven inferences, Cognitute consultants are now able to develop early performance indicators to alert stakeholders of potential business climate shifts and dole out a preemptive transformation roadmap mitigating the strategic and financial crises of our clients.

In current global disruptions, creating a high-performing organization isn’t just limited to organizational structures and processes but is underpinned by righteously activating and embedding these core levers through a meticulous and forward-thinking approach:
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Organizational Purpose

Organizational purpose is the heart of any organization's core engine– An imperative purpose not only amplifies strategic outcomes but garners superlatively sustainable shareholder values. However, a purpose cannot be drafted by leaders over meetings, developed by an external partner, or influenced by the current business climate and trends. A purpose is the critical cog of the organization's engine and stands a mile ahead of conventional Mission-Vision. When incorporated in every facet of the business, from people to culture to sales to branding and communication, leapfrogs organizations to lead new frontiers. Our clients craft or revamp their organizational purpose to gain clarity and strategic alignment and to navigate through large-scale transformations.
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Organizational Culture

Organizations with a purpose-led organizational culture lead marketplaces and new frontiers as challengers, attract and retain diverse talent, and inspire the workforce to collaborate and innovate breakthrough ideas. Activating an organizational culture that imprints sustained value also requires interconnected alignment with strategy and purpose. Where strategy oversees frameworks, organization structure, cross-collaboration of the workforce, and effective utilization of shared services; purpose accentuates clarity, workforce empowerment, vision realization, and a unified strategic focus.

Our Organizational & Change
Management Practices


Organization Design

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The success of an organization comprises the organization’s internal processes, structures, and systems, as well as the behavior and culture of all levels of the workforce. Each of these components, which make up the core levers of the organization, must be dynamic and able to respond to internal and external pressures, changes, and opportunities. Organization design—and re-design—is an essential process to achieve optimal efficiency and growth as well as forward-thinking, data-based decision-making. However, not all organization redesigns are successful—in fact, less than one quarter are shown to improve the performance of the business in the long term. To be a part of that one-quarter success, a redesign must incorporate an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the business, and use this data to design a strategic operating model that improves accountability and culture, facilitates collaboration, and effectively addresses barriers.

Cognitute consultants go beyond conventional approaches and help organizations to reinvigorate by building and aligning capabilities across all facets of leadership, culture, process, and operating models to craft a world-class corporate center.



Organizational Change For Post-Merger

Post-merger integration is a challenging and complex aspect of organizational change, as this involves the successful merging of two separate organizations, including their unique workplace cultures, leadership teams, and internal processes. More than 50% of mergers and acquisitions result in a drop in performance, but when carried out correctly, the reward outweighs the risk significantly and can secure a leading role in the industry with an improved operating model, successful cultural integration, and improved management of talent.

An effective post-merger integration strategy is tailored to account for situational circumstances, objectives, and culture. Using a successful PMI framework to carry out successful mergers and acquisitions mitigates the risk of PMI while allowing a boost in value, maintenance of momentum, and using the combined advantages of both businesses to gain a significant competitive advantage.



Organizational Change For Costs and Efficiency

A common goal for organizational change is increased efficiency, growth in revenue, and improved savings in the medium and long-term. For major growth in revenue, redesign must be supported by data and strategy in order to transform processes and sales models to grow profits in a fast yet sustainable way. Organizational change for efficiency allows simplified decision-making, redirected focus and time management, and improved engagement in all aspects of the workforce.

Implementing a well-executed pricing management strategy can play a pivotal role in achieving organizational efficiency, which is not solely limited to cost-effectiveness but can extend to other areas. When combined with process redesign and cost optimization, pricing management can provide a competitive edge over peers and lead to significant long-term savings. Research has demonstrated that businesses with an efficient corporate center that adds value to the organization are more likely to outperform their competitors.



Organizational Change For Customer Centricity

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Customer experience transformation is a critical process for businesses aiming to be customer-centric, which involves empowering customers, catalyzing product-services innovation, and aligning the business's vision and values with customer needs. Redesigning for customer-centricity requires brainstorming and analyzing potential challenges and demanded customer experiences to ensure successful transformation. By prioritizing customer-centricity, businesses can align their operations with customer needs and improve overall customer satisfaction, leading to increased brand loyalty and profitability.

Organizational change that targets a reduction in the complexity of business functions results in a customer-centered organization, with effective decision-making allowing changes in customer requirements to be met quickly and efficiently. Successful redesign for customer-centricity allows improved retention of customers and consequent increase in profits, increased customer satisfaction, increased return on investment, and diversification of the customer base.



Change Management Consulting

Change management is essential for business success in a rapidly shifting global marketplace, but attempts by organizations to make large-scale change are often undisciplined, poorly structured, and unsuccessful at meeting planned objectives. Overcoming barriers to transformational change can be daunting, or barriers may not be correctly analyzed or improperly prepared for before the initiation of change.

Change management allows organizations to grow and change in response to different crises, demands, or opportunities as they arise. This allows a strong competitive edge in the industry via strategic initiatives, prioritization of change initiatives, targeted communication plans, cost reduction, and large-scale transformation of the culture and performance of all levels of the workplace. Cognitute’s change management consultants unlock true transformational potential and impact using strategies and tools, incorporate deep learning and behavioral science that reduces complexities, controls change barriers and enhance performances early on.



Leadership and People Transformation

Across all industries and all organization sizes, employees and connections are essential assets for success. Leadership and people transformation is a way for organizations to invest in their workforce, increasing the skill and capability of all members of the workforce, from front-line workers to those in management roles. Businesses that are industry leaders use a forward-thinking, organized talent strategy to ensure that long-term needs are met.

Leadership and people transformation allow an improved customer experience, effective and inspirational leadership, and realization of the full potential of people across all levels of the organization. Alignment of leadership processes and strategies allows redefinition of purpose, alignment of employees regarding goals and objectives, and decisive action of leadership teams to achieve common goals. Leadership transformation correlates with increased profit, improved shareholder return, and increased growth.


Realize True Change Power that alters Strategic, Operational, and Financial Trajectory

Cognitute’s Change Culture

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Cognitute’s change consultants works with clients on the most daunting transformational roadblocks. The success of our change management consulting is quite visible in our 220+ projects spanning across domains–where outcomes have surpassed industries' average transformational benchmarks.

The immense success of our portfolio projects is ascribed to the culture we embed within an organization–right from aligning and activating leaders with strategic initiatives, empowering the workforce to fuel the changes to prioritizing, managing complex change program initiatives directly, and owning key metrics along the journey. Since 2013, Cognitute’s clientele have delivered a total shareholder return of 1.6 percentage points higher than that of the industry's benchmark.

Ensuring the Right Change

Organizational change may be imperative and currently in precedence of all strategic initiatives for an organization, but identifying the right set of changes and tracking all the business levers that may be impacted mitigates common transformational pitfalls leading to stagnated growth, and weak financial performance.

Cognitute’s change consultants activate an unparalleled set of tools and frameworks to trace the underpinning cause of the most pressing business challenges–track and scan all imperceptible repercussions using data-driven simulated models even before a change blueprint is plotted, creating an ecosystem for a seamless transformational journey and high adoption rate.

Transformation Launchpad

Post a comprehensive business encapsulation–blueprinting transformation requirements and core metrics to be focused, Cognitute’s change consultants deploy a unified transformational launchpad that enables organizations to seamlessly onboard, upskill, assign and equip stakeholders with the required tools, resources, and assets before the change program launch. A superlative launchpad ensures a higher success rate and mitigates risks throughout the entire roadmap.

Empowering Cost-Driven Culture

Transformation logistics wouldn’t be as successful as it theoretically seems unless it's underpinned by clear objectives and outcomes. Organizations that define cost as either a primary or secondary outcome lever gain surmountable impact and a 90% probability for the transformation program to succeed.

Cognitute change management consultants empower workforce and leaders at all layers to equilaterally drive change that fosters cost as one of the critical metrics–yielding sustainable long-term success both to stakeholders and the community as a whole. By deploying data analytics, cognitive science, and agile transformation framework, our clients have been able to unlock underlying potential, boosting performance by an average of 62% and reduction in costs by 18%.

Predictive Change Barrier Analysis

Most organizations fail to realize a change program may inadvertently influence other business levers that may sometimes surface only after months of transition. Synthesis of business signals from within the strategic environment and from the external market landscape helps organizations predict hidden pitfalls that could be encountered during the change program.

Cognitute network of change management consultants and partners join forces to station industry-leading predictive change behavior systems to scrutinize the business environment for any untraceable barriers and incorporate incontinency plans during the launch encapsulation phase.

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