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Pricing Strategy Consulting

When leveraged correctly, pricing is a powerful tool for driving growth, highlighting points of differentiation, and providing a sustained competitive edge in the industry. These benefits are captured by businesses that utilize and execute an innovative pricing strategy and prioritize internal capabilities including advanced analytics and processes. There is no one path to pricing success for all businesses, and following a “one size fits all” pricing strategy all but guarantees that maximized value and revenue growth will not be achieved.

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Different businesses have different needs - from pricing methods to operating models, as well as the individual strengths, weaknesses, and niches of the organization itself. Creation of a successful pricing strategy hinges upon reinventing workplace culture and talent, utilization of data science, and collaboration with industry experts regarding the management of revenue and pricing. A workplace culture that is fast-moving is able to quickly transition ideas into pilots and scalable results that can be continuously re-assessed for improvement. This constant reassessment and measurement of pricing success are what propels organizations towards adaptability and resilience, creating a pricing strategy that is capable of absorbing and responding to fluctuations and disturbances. Price volatility can be navigated through leveraging new technology, such as AI, automation, and advanced analytics. Technological advances support rapid price changes, personalization of price, and management of revenue growth. Cognitute offers strategy consulting solutions that are tailored to meet their unique needs in the areas of pricing strategy, data science, and technology implementation.

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Our Pricing Strategy Experts

Rohan Sharma - Partner

Rohan Sharma

Director & Partner (Business & Corporate Strategy)

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner

Ashok Deepan

Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

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