As finding, researching, and signing with any social media marketing agency requires a significant amount of time and resource investment, it is crucial for brands to choose a social media marketing service that is trustworthy and will be able to deliver results aligned to long-term business goals. Working with an incompatible social media marketing agency can result in significant setbacks, such as burning through the marketing budget without seeing results, incompatibility with organization culture, and failure to reach key marketing goals.

In a constantly changing digital landscape, a social media marketing agency that leverages cutting-edge technology is essential to stay ahead of the curve and benefit from technological advances. Experience in social media and digital marketing services means that Cognitute’s social media marketing experts are able to provide valuable, expert-level guidance based on years of experience. Cognitute’s services are results-driven, with a deep investment in helping organizations to reach milestones and achieve highly-specialized goals.

Outcome-Assured Engagement Contracts

In a traditional time and materials-based contract, clients must provide a project manager for resource management and visibility, and results are not guaranteed within the contract. Using an outcome-assured engagement contract, the desired outcome for the client is the focus of the project from the outset. This focus means that dependence on organization resources is reduced, while the cost of outcomes and optimal outcome for the client are clearly defined. This approach reduces the risk of significant investment with no reward, increases stakeholder buy-in, and produces an accurate forecast of financial and resource investment, and delivery of outcome(s). Through an outcome-assured engagement contract, client responsibility for management and continual oversight is reduced, and results can be delivered quickly with transparent communication and transfer of knowledge with staff.


Vast Network of Social Media Marketing  Partners

An effective social media marketing agency will be able to utilize a diverse range of social skill sets as well as leveraging in-depth knowledge of social media and lateral digital marketing capabilities. A “one size fits all” approach to social media marketing will waste time and resources, and inevitably delay business goals and achievement of key milestones. Instead, social media marketing success requires consulting services that are individualized and aligned to brand vision, target audience, industry specifics, and long-term brand goals.

Cognitute’s expert team provides industry-specific knowledge based on years of successful consulting and social media experience. With a diverse, wide-reaching network of more than 100 leading search engine optimization providers, Cognitute onboards a compatible partner for clients seamlessly. This means that no time is wasted with incompatible partners, and marketing goals can be defined quickly and efficiently to provide direction for the project.




Organic Social Amplification

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Social media is an unquestioned key component to business exposure, with over half of the world now engaging in regular social media activity. As new social media platforms such as TikTok continue to grow, changes in social media technology means that users can interact with brands in real-time more than ever before. Social media marketing is no longer solely concerned with engagement - with the rise of social commerce, factors such as follower acquisition and social media conversion are just as significant as engagement, and hence, integrating it in the overall business strategy has evolved into an elementary requirement.

These social media changes present a challenge in organic social media amplification due to increased prominence of paid social media content across platforms. This means it is increasingly essential for social media marketers to carry out in-depth research to optimize organic social media efforts. Leveraging free social media tools provided by various platforms allows businesses and brands to curate a community of social media users, producing customer interaction in real time with minimal financial investment.




To achieve long-lasting, competitive success in the constantly fluctuating digital landscape, organizations must be willing to monopolize on trends and adopt new ways of business. With almost 4.5 billion daily social media users across the world, social media—while relatively new—has cemented a position as a wide-reaching facet of both human life in general, and business processes. Social media is a key component to digital success, and failure to leverage social media within marketing strategies results in industry underperformance and revenue loss. 

To combat the heavy saturation of social media marketing content across all platforms, businesses must adapt to the highly competitive and often inefficient digital marketing landscape by implementing a robust content marketing strategy. This strategy will help companies to enhance their reach, customer acquisition, sales, and online engagement, while complementing the benefits of paid social media advertising. Marketers that take advantage of paid social media marketing produce the dual benefits of improved reach and customer acquisition through paid social advertising, and additional boosting of existing organic social media capabilities. As more marketing teams begin to invest in paid social media advertising, the investment in social ads is anticipated to surpass 56 billion USD per year. Investing large proportions of advertising budget in social media advertising may seem daunting, but results in significant growth in sales, conversion rate, and online engagement.




With consumers able to access information with a single click or Google search, and many customers choosing to post online opinions or reviews about services, brands, and products, maintaining a positive brand reputation is no longer optional. Almost 90% of potential consumers choose to search for reviews before engaging with a business, and even a single review that demonstrates unreliability or customer dissatisfaction may result in loss of a potential customer. Even the way a business decides to respond to a negative review can have significant influence on reputation. Studies have shown that more than two-thirds of customers who have complained about a business can be “won back” by receiving an empathetic and thoughtful response—whereas choosing to ignore or respond negatively to the review results in almost guaranteed customer loss.

Online reputation management focuses around the goal of a consistent, positive perception of a business or brand. This is a many-faceted approach which incorporates processes such as continual monitoring of brand reputation and perception, effective management of negative feedback or customer complaints, and innovative recognition of problems that affect brand reputation. Effective online reputation management also includes search engine optimization (SEO) services, which help businesses improve their search engine ranking and online visibility, allowing them to showcase positive reviews and brand messaging to potential customers and maintain a positive brand reputation.


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