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Business Growth Strategy

By leveraging the power of design thinking, innovation, and insights garnered from market dynamics, companies can rapidly identify and nurture products that move markets, paving a path to sustained profitable growth, but innovation is not straightforward as it seems; nearly two-thirds of innovations don't surpass the MVP stage haemorrhaging the organization's coffer.

Innovators that master new capabilities through agile R&D and foster a test-and-learn approach hegemonize marketplaces faster and avoid innovation pitfalls.

Organizations need to step away from legacy economics–prioritizing innovation-led investments in a world of shortening products and business cycles. The cornerstone for an empirical growth strategy is learning to drop weaker value projects and identifying organic capabilities within or outside.

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Cognitute’s Growth
and Innovation Framework

Cognitute's business growth consulting helps clients through experimentation till market penetration defining the ideal path of market innovator status quo. Growth strategy consultants and innovation experts at our innovation hub have developed a bold suite of tools anchored on human-centered operating models, data, and digital ecosystems to amplify our client's innovation and growth goals.

Our next-gen innovation models are derived through granular insights mined from unstructured business data and deep market insights, unearthing early-stage trends and identifying opportunities to monetize.

Capabilities Effectiveness Dipstick

The output of our growth maturity index and effectiveness audit, combined with our outcome-driven growth strategy consulting 4.0 framework, enables us to strengthen weak spots, leverage true organic capabilities, and anticipate market forces to drive successful innovation and growth enablement efforts for our clients.

Cognitute Growth Scanner

Our central growth hub scans billions of signals across purchase behaviors, global trends, regulations, policies, and core industry vitals to develop a highly predictive market pulse.

Our practitioners couple these signals with statistical insights gained within the client's strategic business environment and market trends to pinpoint ideal investment areas through corporate venturing, acquisitions, partnerships, and in-house research and development.

C3I Center: For 'Imagination' 'Ideation' and 'Investment'

Cognitute’s clients benefit from our holistic innovation playbooks–develop and track minimum viable products, experiment in simulated market environments at our C3I virtual center. In addition, our growth strategy consultants engage clients in a highly merit-centered brainstorming exercise, nudging them to overcome paradoxes to create an impressive new future.

Innovation Strategy And Lifecycle Framework

A good growth strategy is an essential precursor to innovation enablement. However, to rise as the first market entrant fortifying maximum share requires a well-ciphered innovation framework to develop and test MVPs and keep products consistent with strategy. We assist clients in developing tailored, ingenious models to accommodate today’s wins and tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Strategy Consulting Offerings

Business Model Reinvention

Over the last few decades, the business lifecycle span has dropped to merely five years. Focusing on innovation-led capabilities can offer organizations a lasting competitive advantage and barricade themselves against volatile business climates. Business model Innovation needs supporting changes to the organization's value proposition and underpinning operating model. Cognitute's innovation strategy consulting helps companies overcome innovation readiness, reinvent the core operating model towards profitability, capture sustainable emerging opportunities, and reach markets quickly to capitalize on maximum gains.

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Products and Services Engineering

Determining customer-winning products and services need a well-articulated product blueprint. Organizations that structure their R&D with a clear vision prioritize the right market audience and deliver product excellence that moves customers and stays ahead as challengers. 

Product Innovation comes with its own set of mismanagement–inappropriate R&D capital, negligent product development, unstructured product management, and erroneous strategy with the lack of deep market insights are some of the complexities an organization tends to foster unconsciously. 

Cognitute helps organizations overcome the challenges of product innovation and development by leveraging a customer-centric approach to product management and embedding a framework designed to spear through the cluttered competitive environment. Cognitute's consulting 4.0 framework is anchored on deep insights and an incumbent growth strategy, enabling organizations to create winning products and services that resonate with their target markets and drive sustainable growth.

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Identifying and Capturing growth opportunities

Organizations continuously strive to identify and tap emerging opportunities to sustain long-term value generation and to be an early entrant in leading marketplaces.

Unfortunately, most organizations overlook growth opportunities by neglecting to evaluate their portfolios. Therefore, it is also imperative that businesses develop fresh insights from within the strategic business environment and the market landscape.

Cognitute growth consulting services help leaders evaluate and tap their existing portfolios while building an inclusive ecosystem to identify and capture emerging opportunities, thereby unlocking true potential and increasing shareholder returns.

Rich insights derived within the business environment, such as unmet customer expectations and needs, product gap areas, and growth risks, are a few that leaders can bank on to craft market-moving products generating organic growth.

However, diversification isn't simple as it seems and is known to be the riskiest of all growth strategies–deploying significant capital investment with mundane conventional insights and R&D frameworks leads to premature mortality of offerings. Therefore, charting the proper growth roadmap aligned with the broader strategic goals unleashes true potential and accelerates growth.

Our growth consultants pinpoint unrecognized customer needs, product gaps, and growth risks, securing the organization's pathway to organic growth, cementing their early entry into newer marketplaces, and ensuring sustained value generation in the long term. 
Cognitute's seamlessly interconnected growth and innovation framework catapults organizations to fortify existing and new markets, sparking unprecedented outcomes. In addition, our growth strategists help organizations develop and implement effective customer experience strategies that help achieve increased customer loyalty, advocacy, and, ultimately, sustained growth.

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Market Analysis & Insights

Organizations that have mastered tapping into their digital footprints and deriving deep insights from their prehistoric data to assess their strengths and build on capabilities were able to capture opportunities and solve pressing business challenges early on than their competition. 

In addition, businesses that inferred insights by coupling data repositories of customer behavior, market signals, and KPI indicators were able to develop predictive market hypotheses and develop innovative ideas that dramatically changed their position in the markets they serve, win customers, and emerge as recurrent value creators to their stakeholders. 

However, most organizations need help to derive these insights due to a disintegrated digital ecosystem, rudimentary insights tools, and siloed data flow. In addition, only some organizations are able to interpret derived insights into business-relevant outcomes due to common execution pitfalls and disconnected strategies. 

Growth marketing consultants at our C3I center, alongside our partners, deploy superlative growth and innovation programs that keep the innovation engine powering our client's growth and developing groundbreaking products. 

We also help organizations overcome the challenges of a disintegrated insights ecosystem by embedding advanced data analytics into the environment and help interpret derived insights into actionable outcomes, driving higher ROI and maximizing returns.

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Catalyzing Innovation Commitment

Innovation is complex, and even the most brawny innovators are mastering the art of agile research and development processes to avoid customary pitfalls. Nearly 70-75% of innovations fail–most linger in labs, and the rest faces mortality once in the market.

Organizations that pursue run-of-the-mill ideas and have non-customer-centric strategies waste resources and miss valuable opportunities.

To catalyze and stay committed to innovation calls for a strategy-led, purpose-driven agile approach to innovation. There needs to be more than just a great innovation strategy; The strategy must nest on an innovation sprint that fosters decisive growth and speed. Identifying the right idea that has the potential to scale and disrupt markets is also the key to delivering value.

Cognitute innovation strategy consulting accelerates innovation commitment through industry-tested inventive frameworks that help clients to stack up rich market insights, prioritize promising projects, manage products, and develop the ideal market fit product.

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A reasonable organization will adapt themselves to the environment and thrive while a spark-driven organization will challenge the status quo and change the environment to be an enduring stock. Innovation is no longer a growth diagnostic tool, it's about natural ownership and dominance of the newly invented space even before setting foot into that growth pocket.

Ashok Deepan
Managing Director & Partner
Ashok Deepan, COO and Co-founder of Cognitute

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