Transit Away From Analogue Operating Model By Tethering Array of Emerging Technologies And Human Capabilities

Leverage digital operations to yield impressive revenue growth, cut working capital, reduce production and supply chain costs, and promote resilient operations through digital maturity.

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Transformation to digital operations is now an imperative strategic priority for organizations across all industries—which is why over 80% of businesses actively invest in the digitization of operations. When digital operations are holistically implemented, it delivers groundbreaking outcomes–an impressive increment of up to 6% growth in revenue, 10-20% decrease in costs within the supply chain, production, and across support functions, and a drop of 15-30% in the organization’s working capital. Additionally, digital operations can increase the overall resilience of the organization within the industry and global market, despite changes in external circumstances.
However, like any large-scale change, digitization of operations can be difficult to carry out correctly and efficiently to see maximum gains of value. For digitization of operations, a business will need to make a sizable change management investment, as well as invest in new talent, and technology. Investments of this scale can be daunting due to the pressure to sustain in the face of volatile global economic changes, and that's where Cognitute digital operation consultant's expertise comes into play.
At Cognitute consulting, we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to decipher every nut and bolt of the operational framework through predictive analytics and pilot simulations, deploy and execute strategies as co-owners– owning key business metrics as our own via Cognitute’s proprietary outcome-assured operational consulting practice.

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How Cognitute Unleashes True Values From Operations

Digital operations are now an essential component of long-term business success in the face of quickly-changing global trends. Application of digital changes across the entire operating model of a business allows capitalization on these global trends, fluctuations in customer demand, and unexpected global or political crises. 

Effective transformation of digital operations with a focus on growth and innovation centers around digital redesign, process automation of decisions and tasks, and incorporating predictive analytics through the entire value chain. Cognitute ensures expert-led, next-generation digital transformation for our clients.

Metrics Assured-Driven Partnership

Instead of traditional strategic advisory, Cognitute’s proprietary consulting 4.0 practice takes a polycentric engagement approach which is closely tethered to decisive, metric-assured ownership. Our modern strategic advisory services are integrated into the consulting 4.0 practice, as the consultants provide customized recommendations and guidance to help organizations achieve their specific business goals and objectives.

Derisk From Change and Adoption pitfalls

Cognitute consultants collaborate at every stage of the execution cycle, closely managing risks and anticipating pitfalls of change and adoption. Proper change management planning and execution is a critical component of the Cognitute consultants' approach, as we work to ensure that changes are effectively managed and adopted with minimal disruptions to business operations. Change frictions are mitigated via expert continuous monitoring, and deployment of quick response levers aimed to ensure continuity of business growth.

Value-Based Monetization

Cognitute’s commercial model centers around the core philosophy of providing sustainable client impact. Our commercial model is designed to accommodate a diverse range of organization objectives across all sizes of business, coupling engagement contracts with flexible commercial models based on target business metrics outcomes.

Cognitute’s Digital Excellence Center

Cognitute’s digital excellence center deploys and documents key trends identified during the encapsulation phase using data intelligence. Cognitute’s digital excellence tower also provides clients with strategy, framework development, deployment, and effective monitoring of a wide spectrum of strategic digital initiatives. Benefits include centralized monitoring during the execution of digital strategies and the development of individualized playbooks for a fast-paced and error-free digital success.

Promote a resilient and efficient
digital operating model alongside Cognitute.

Digital Operations Consulting Offerings

Operational Process Orchestration And Automation

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Work processes play a significant role in shaping the corporate strategy and determining the efficiency of a business as a whole, as well as the quality and efficiency of individual functions and teams. Automating operational processes helps reduce the time taken for execution while providing better cross-functional coordination and productivity at all levels of the operating model, producing consistently better outcomes. Repetitive manual processes can take up large proportions of productivity, despite being routine and unchanging, leading to a large amount of human error and overhead costs. While repetitive processes are essential for organization function, simplification and automation of these processes free up time and workforce to work on the growth as a whole.

However, it is quite misconstrued that automation and orchestration are a carbon-copy of each other. Organizations that have mastered digital maturity understand automation across end-to-end business functions creates ways to increase efficiency and streamline day-to-day processes and systems, while orchestration is anchored on synchronizing disparate ecosystems by nestling data and digital systems at the core of human capabilities, strategic goals, and its operating model creating an agile and responsive organization geared not just to combat unfavorable market forces but traject to lead new frontiers. Cognitute operations consulting practice helps clients to orchestrate for a sustained future and fortify current strategic objectives.

Operating Model Maturity Index

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Business spending on digital transformation processes currently stands at an estimated $3 trillion globally, which is likely to grow as digitization becomes an inextricable aspect of the business. Organizations recognize that end-to-end operating models must be redesigned to continue to follow these irreversible digital trends, which are transforming the behavior of investors and customers across all industries.

Digital processes and automation must be applied within operating models for businesses to benefit from these trends. For success in the digital world, current business operating models must be adapted to create a cross-functional end-to-end operating model with a high level of maturity. Performing operating model maturity indices allow businesses to comprehensively assess gaps in framework, weaknesses, and strengths across core capabilities within a current operating model. This process highlights areas for improvement and change and provides a pathway toward creating an operating model that allows the organization to thrive in a dynamic set of circumstances.

Workforce Of The Future

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Geopolitical instability, global trade wars, economic slowdowns, and the Covid-19 pandemic has created uncertainty about what the future workforce may look and behave like--external pressures of these events have created irreversible change to both society in general and the world of business. With a rapid shift toward prioritizing digitization, the digital economy, innovative change, and remote work, the workforce has become more widely distributed and interconnected than ever before.

Future workforces are therefore likely to be increasingly diverse and innovative, prioritizing a range of skill-sets, and with a large focus on technology. RPA and AI are set to become even more integrated into the workforce, replacing some manual tasks while creating additional roles for technicians to work alongside automated processes. Cognitute’s workplace transformation practitioners craft unique solutions to meet an organization’s daunting operational challenges head-on and pave a path that’s agile and cushioned to brace any unwarranted circumstances.

Robotic Process Automation

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Alignment of the operations ecosystem with the broader strategic priority is an essential crux to ensure, strategy, technology, and human potential is seamlessly tethered to excavate maximum value across the value chain. There is consistent internal and external pressure on an organization to ensure that the workforce and processes are as efficient and effective as possible to meet the market demands, and dynamically changing business climate– With large volume of manual tasks, data flow and business metrics operating in a siloed environment risks operational spending, customer satisfaction, and a feeble operating framework. 

The use of robotic process automation, which utilizes emerging technologies to vertically automate previously manual processes across the entire organization, helps to remove these challenges and improve organizational performance. Processes can be automated in all areas, including product development, finance and accounting, logistics, and customer support. Employees are therefore able to use their skills to address complex issues that require human innovation and forward-thinking action, instead of spending time on manual, repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation results in a consistently higher quality of data, maximized operating ROI, and improved customer retention and satisfaction. To propel efficiency, achieve higher profitability, and move customers, Cognitute's RPA consultants use comprehensive data-driven pulses derived from within the strategic environment, Simulate pilots and replenish the processes with adaptive, and innovative process automation for a transformative future. The implementation of cutting-edge warehousing management techniques, incorporating the use of robotic process automation and other innovative technologies, can revolutionize supply chain operations and deliver substantial enhancements in the storage, handling, and distribution of products, resulting in elevated organizational performance.

Customer Support Automation

Marketing Automation

Financial and Accounting Automation

RPA Bots for Logistics

Cost Excellence Center

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Business leaders face a complex range of challenges, from rapid changes in market dynamics to issues arising from globalization and politics. These economic trends can have an unpredictable effect on organizational growth, innovation, and profitability. It is therefore critical that corporate leaders have the power to reduce costs in the face of unprecedented turbulence and move away from short-term solutions.

Cost excellence center drives focus on eliminating shortcomings, and closing gaps by addressing both the input (resources and costs) and output (quality and productivity) whilst focusing on other tangible levers–transparency, accountability, and workforce empowerment. Deployment of a cost excellence center also provides a large range of additional advantages, including measuring (SG&A) Selling, General, and administrative expenses, decisive action within the organization, and inventive corporate policies and procedures, which prevent the organization from reverting to outdated cost-reduction practices generating higher levels of TSR.

Cognitute’s Cost-Excellence center is tailored to fit the culture, structure, and strategic objectives of the organization whilst being continually proactive and vigilant.

Experience-Centered Redesigning

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As customer experience management becomes more commonplace within large conglomerations, there is often a disconnect between this management and measurable improvement of the customer experience. A key barrier preventing the delivery of positive customer experiences is that customer interactions are frequently not designed in a forward-thinking, data-centered, and purposeful manner. 

The experience-centered design aims to produce products and services that directly target customer desires or aim to remove customer barriers, instead of solely basing design on common business drivers and changes in technology. Leveraging experience-centered redesigning allows businesses to guarantee consistent positive customer experiences and improve customer retention and value. Experience design is a highly repeatable yet customer-centric process that focuses on both data and the emotional experience of customers, and allows improved customer experience across all levels of the organization.

Track and map process barriers on an extensive month-long discovery consultation.
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Disruptive organizations exist not to explore the future but to create one and the common denominator in all these organizations is their herculean strategic values subsumed through deep-rooted innovation, next-gen portfolios, and wholly harnessed workforce intelligence translating to higher shareholder returns.

Ashok Deepan
COO, Founder
Ashok Deepan, Managing Director & Partner

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