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Leverage the right mix of data, tech and human capabilities to pivot from analog digital marketing model to an incumbent marketing function while generating superior MROI.
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Digital Marketing Services

In the dynamic digital business climate, digital channels stand as an imperative economic driver for organizations. They are fueled by ever-evolving consumer needs and behaviors, and serve as a critical enabler in the rapid innovation of markets and products. As the roles of digital marketers and CMOs shift dynamically in response to these changes, they face mounting pressure to enthrall customers through their digital marketing funnel and cultivate repeat transactions. The key to unlocking a purpose-led marketing engine lies in an agile digital marketing strategy that is rooted in integrated marketing and growth ecosystems. Such a strategy must be supported by a foundation of data intelligence, human and technological capabilities, and a customer-centric approach that embraces an experimental-test-learn methodology. However, with a plethora of levers to align to the broader strategic objectives of an organization, crafting the right operating model and framework is no mean feat. This is where digital strategists and marketing experts with diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds play an instrumental role in defining the optimal model and creating comprehensive roadmaps to transform digital marketing initiatives.

Cognitute's digital marketing consultants aspire to assist clients in activating a truly unparalleled marketing machine—one that not only outperforms peers in terms of top-line growth, market share, brand visibility index, positive customer sentiments, and brand advocacy, but also generates rich, predictive insights from the internal strategic environment and the wider marketplace. With these insights, clients can make bold, innovative moves that lead the industry as true challengers. We collaborate with clients to discover, develop, and deploy all critical levers necessary for a robust digital marketing engine, taking personal responsibility for core KPIs as if they were our own.

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Exfoliating The Traditional Digital Marketing As A Service

Conventional digital strategy approaches have proven inadequate in igniting growth, consigning marketing to the status of a mere survivor. In the current global business landscape, what is required is a fresh paradigm that uplifts organizations to the status of innovative marketers and customer-centric leaders. One of the primary challenges that often goes unnoticed is the issue of CHOICES—marketers today are inundated with a plethora of options, making it difficult to remain consistent and focused on a singular funnel strategy that yields results and catapults organizations into a position of competitive advantage. However, organizations that successfully master the five core pillars not only construct a solid foundation for growth but also embody a culture of experimentation, learning, and nimbleness that enables them to effortlessly navigate the tumultuous and ever-changing competitive terrain. At Cognitute, our digital marketing consultants are experts in unleashing the full potential of our clients' digital initiatives by harnessing these core pillars.

Integrated Marketing-Sales Engine

Conventional marketing and sales functions are often characterized by divergent priorities—the former focused on building traction and the latter on converting it into profitable revenues. To avoid the emergence of cross-purpose objectives and maximize their metrics, it is essential for these departments to work in concert and tethered to each other's cycles. However, the true power of integrated marketing and sales goes beyond mere harmonization of personnel. Successful organizations adopt inclusive strategies that align all their processes, levers, and frameworks through data-driven decision-making. This involves the systematic collection and warehousing of information in a single location, where it can be viewed and interpreted for insightful and meaningful analysis. By leveraging this approach, organizations can achieve their overarching goals and gain a distinct competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.


Digital, Advanced-Data, and Insights Ecosystem

To lay the groundwork for robust growth in marketing and sales, it is imperative to develop the underlying technical capabilities and instill a culture that champions agility and data-driven insights. This entails embracing new and emerging technologies and weaving them seamlessly into your go-to-market strategy, while also balancing traditional sales-force levers. By harnessing the power of deep behavioral insights and performance analytics, organizations can construct sustainable selling models that identify the ideal channel mix and provide customized experiences that resonate with customers on a profound level.


Cultivates Experimentation Culture

In the ever-evolving business ecosystem, pedestrian marketing approaches prove inadequate in driving growth. Only by fostering a culture of experimentation and embracing innovation can organizations truly thrive. By conducting rigorous A/B testing of process frameworks and strategies, and leveraging a deep understanding of their customers, forward-thinking organizations are adeptly captivating both markets and hearts. Through the test-and-learn approach, organizations can not only illuminate effective solutions but also reveal untapped capabilities, thereby enabling marketing functions to nimbly respond to shifting market conditions.


Customer Experience-Centered  Efforts

The effectiveness of marketing endeavors is now measured by the potency of customer experience. As marketing and selling have transcended omnichannel presence into the metaverse, with transactions occurring on social engagement apps and the purchasing power parity of customers diminishing, personalized customer experience has become a critical element. Throughout the entire customer journey, from awareness to intention, desire, and action, it is critical to showcase to customers when, where, and why they need a product or service across all touchpoints. A novel approach that has revolutionized customer experience is neuromarketing, which Cadbury-a confectionery leader-has leveraged to apply to its marketing campaign initiatives, securing its place as a brand advocate.


Capitalizing Human Capabilities

To cultivate transformative growth and unlock the true potential of their people, CMOs must prioritize digital leadership, creativity, authority delegation, and evergreen training. By harmoniously blending these capital enablers, organizations have been able to not just thrive but surpass market benchmarks, reduce strategic gaps, and unlock the true potential of their people even during turbulent, face-paced, and demanding conditions.


Metrics Guaranteed Engagement

The ever-evolving global market trends and forces have set the stage for a disruptive era, where traditional digital marketing strategies no longer hold water. In such an environment, marketing leaders require disruptors rather than enablers—people who challenge the status quo, take ownership of the outcomes, and drive core business metrics, thereby paving the way to sustainable growth. The key to success lies in mastering integrated digital marketing capabilities, adopting a customer-centric approach, and focusing on value-driven ROI. At Cognitute, we deploy our proprietary digital marketing 4.0 framework, a holistic approach that guarantees outcomes with clearly defined KPI metrics seamlessly tethered to the commercial component of the contract. We are committed to ownership and symbiotic growth, and our vision to create a societal impact on the community and society at large is firmly anchored in our partnership with our clients.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

In the vast and ever-growing expanse of the internet, there exist close to 2 billion websites, each vying for the top-spot in the virtual world. However, the landscape of search engines and their ranking algorithms has evolved significantly since their inception. Conventional SEO tactics may generate a temporary surge in traffic, but to surpass competitors and maintain a sustained ranking requires long-term commitment and substantial initial investment. Even organizations with top-tier SEO teams must continually hone their skills to secure dominance in the highly coveted search engine real estate. Despite the plethora of options available to digital marketers to bolster their SEO campaigns, they are still grappling with the best approach to outperform their competitors.

In the digital era, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to prove itself as a dependable and impactful marketing strategy to organically enhance brand visibility, meet sales objectives, and entice potential customers to visit websites or mobile applications. Discover the latest, cutting-edge SEO capabilities with Cognitute's unparalleled SEO consulting services. At Cognitute, we employ a state-of-the-art consulting 4.0 practice framework, leveraging a BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer) to effectively manage and optimize key SEO metrics such as leads, customer acquisition, conversion rate, ROI, and revenue, all of which are seamlessly integrated into the contract. Our end-to-end, turnkey SEO services are meticulously crafted to cover every aspect of an SEO campaign, ensuring our clients achieve the optimal results they desire.


SEO Audits

SEO Playbook And Strategy

Technical SEO Optimization

On Page Strategy

Local SEO Strategy

Keyword Ranking Strategy

Link building Strategies

App Store Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

User Personas Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Content Process Automation

Content Pillar Research And Strategy

Social Media Consulting Services

In today's world, a brand's social media presence has become imperative, and it is now a vital extension of the brand's identity and a channel for listening to and communicating with prospective customers and brand advocates. While organizations may understand their brand like no other, they often fail to share their voice with the relevant audience at the right time and on the appropriate channel, using personalized communication, leading to redundant efforts and high costs.

To drive engagement that does not dilute the brand position and yet captivates customers' emotional decisions, it is essential to leverage digitalization, data analytics, agile experiment-and-learn frameworks, integrated marketing-sales engines, and people-fueled creativity, and it can be daunting in today's fast-paced marketplace. However, brands that have decoded the secret to understanding their customers, market trends, and global forces are domineering in their industry on a global stage. At Cognitute, our social media consulting framework is tailored to individual brands' unique needs, ensuring sustainable results and revolutionizing social media practices to drive growth and break through frontiers.


Organic Social Amplification

Paid Social Interventions

Branding Strategy

Many of the world's most renowned brands have not only delivered sustained financial benefits but have also created value for their employees, customers, and other internal stakeholders. However, this is not necessarily the case for all top brands, as carelessly executed brand strategies can squander precious resources that are already spread thin. Effective brand building starts at the highest levels of an organization and is informed by deep, rich insights that are infused throughout the company, fueled by the ingenuity of its people, and applied consistently across all facets of the business. A brand strategy only becomes “real” when it is deeply ingrained in the culture of the organization, permeating every aspect of the customer experience, the way the business operates, and every touchpoint with its customers. While traditional branding methods such as consumer surveys, focus groups, and qualitative research can provide a superficial outline, a well-synthesized and diverse range of insights from both internal and external sources—such as business performance, consumer behavior, sales data, financial metrics, market trends, and competitive landscape—can offer a more holistic perspective in designing an optimal brand strategy. Cognitute's brand strategy services take an unconventional approach to branding, quantifying every strategic decision made during the process and addressing complex questions.


Content 360 Engineering

The contemporary landscape of communication has witnessed a paradigm shift, where content has evolved from a mere communication tool to a powerful lever that establishes an emotional connection with customers, eventually influencing brand affinity, purchase decisions, and advocacy at every juncture of the customer lifecycle. The emergence of digital channels and rapid business disruptions has given impetus to content like never before. Recent research has substantiated that organizations with an effective content marketing strategy had integrated a high degree of personalization, one that could create a sense of intimacy between customers and the brand, facilitating a long-term relationship. According to a survey that encompassed 2000 leading brands, a staggering 56% of marketers reported that content design is one of their most crucial strategic priorities, with almost 22% of their marketing budget designated to content and content marketing.


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