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Traditional marketing approaches, manual budget allocation, rudimentary sales-force levers, and performance marketing are bygones and no longer a sustainable reality for the current generation CMOs. Revolutionary marketing functions are invested around customer experience and rely on smart analytics alongside strong experimental-learn culture. Inclusive integrated go-to-market innovations, AI-powered attribution modeling, and agile data-driven processes coupled with personalized experiences enable organizations to gain deep insights on cognitive buying behavior, pricing, and revenue strategy, yielding sustained long-term organic growth.

Cognitute's marketing operations consulting tools coupled with expert marketing consultants ensure that organizations maximize their marketing and sales function potential through industry tested operating models.

How Cognitute Delivers Superlative Outcomes

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Outcome-Guaranteed Marketing Consulting 4.0 Practice

Cognitute’s marketing consulting 4.0 framework substitutes conventional strategic advisory with a holistic engagement approach wherein core growth metrics are owned and interlocked to the commercial component of the contract to guarantee an assured outcome and ownership throughout the journey. Cognitute, deploys robust analytics dashboards to help businesses make informed decisions inferred from rich insights and to bring in transparency of the assured KPI's mutually agreed during the onboarding of the client.

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Data-Intelligence Inferred Business Growth Strategies

Cognitute Growth and Innovation hub extracts deep insights that are deduced through machine intelligence. These insights are warehoused from over a thousand signals across the business environment and external influential factors such as market forces, global trends, and customer behaviour across touchpoints. Cognitute embeds data-driven culture to maximize predictability, foresee market shifts, and measure marketing ROI in a more methodical form.

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Human-Centred Marketing Operations

At the core of every sustainable marketing model are workforce intelligence, culture, autonomy, and customer-centric experiences. To unlock surmountable value and move marketplaces, Cognitute enables organizations to invest and nest human capital at the heart of its marketing operations and develop a robust digital operations strategy that aligns with core marketing goals. Cognitute's marketing consulting services also help businesses implement effective marketing technologies and optimize marketing processes to ensure a seamless workflow, leading to improved efficiency and better ROI.

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Unveiling a new product or market expansion? — Without a proper (GTM) strategy framework, it’s near impossible for an organization to know if it's chasing the wrong target group, is too early to a given market, or targeting geo’s that are too saturated, running the risk of resource and capital losses. Cognitute's growth, marketing, and sales consulting develops a powerful market strategy and derive benchmarks against your top competitors whilst setting a robust test-and-learn, analytical data-driven marketing culture.


Market Penetration Strategy

Penetration Pricing Strategy

Marketing Goals

Go To Market Planning


Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the core levers for profitability and one that is most conventionally approached in strategies by organizations. Pricing sparks growth, propagates differentiation, and drives a true competitive edge over peers. By transforming pricing models, companies can drive noteworthy value across the entire value chain, including the bottom line. To unlock maximum value, organizations must strengthen core capabilities that are fueled by technology, advanced analytics, and people. To achieve sustainable profitability and gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to adopt a data-driven pricing strategy that incorporates technology and advanced analytics, enabling them to unlock significant value across the entire value chain. Pricing is not straightforward- Cognitute consultants deploy unique pricing models and strategies that's deeply rooted in data science.


Data Science Linked Pricing Models

B2B & B2C Pricing

Revenue Management & Optimization


Insights and Analytics

Uptick in costs, tightening margins, technology disruptions like the Metaverse Mindset and complex marketing landscape like cognitive behavior, consumer sentiment needs data science-driven decisions to unlock the true value across the marketing function. Coordinated next generational strategy and tailored solutions exhibited optimistic growth of consumer base and bottom line within a fiscal year and cost reduction of 36.6% for one of our clients.


Cognitive Consumer Insights

Marketing & ROI Insights

Advanced Analytics

Pricing and Market Insights

Customer Sentiments Analytics



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SEO consultants can offer invaluable service to businesses of any size, be it start-ups emerging brands, or large enterprises. Cognitute SEO consulting includes organic growth strategies, SEO Audits, and long-term growth planning meticulously done by dedicated Search marketing specialists. Our Search Engine Optimization experts have demonstrated expertise and authority across multiple industries.

Search Engine Optimization 4.0

Technical SEO

SEO Audits

Local SEO Strategy

App Store Optimization

Social Media SEO

Keyword Rankings

Link Building Strategies



In an ever-evolving digital world, dynamic consumer expectations and the unprecedented rate at which consumers are moving towards brands that leverage personalized experiences, It’s imperative that CMO’s need to find the ideal framework that has the right mix of human, tech capabilities, process, and skills to boost the performance of digital marketing capabilities and yet be a customer-centric organization. At Cognitute, our well-rounded marketing solution providers, equipped with a range of services including SEO consulting and marketing strategy agency services, help businesses of all sizes build a foundation that fosters speed, agility, and data science-driven ROI efficient strategies, with a team of dedicated specialists who bring their expertise and authority across multiple industries to deliver customized solutions.


Social Media Consultancy

Revenue and Metrics Optimization

Branding Consultancy

Marketing Technology Transformation

Data Science & Analytics

AI-Driven Attribution Modelling

Brand Visibility & Online Share

Consumer Sentiment and Brand Reputation



In order to recurringly spark growth in an ever cluttered competitive landscape, organizations must swivel away from traditional approaches and pivot towards a new paradigm– One that fosters inventive and integrated marketing and sales function, that cultivates experimentation, personalized experiences. With the right enablers such as processes, culture, and data, organizations can unlock the underlying human capabilities to create high impactful outcomes across the acquisition and retention value chain. This shift requires a robust corporate strategy that aligns with the new paradigm, including a clear vision and mission, as well as well-defined goals and objectives that drive growth and innovation. Aside from these factors, businesses need to also rethink the way they identify, build, and nurture their channel strategy. Cognitute’s sales consultants strategize and co-own core business growth metrics to deliver guaranteed long-term outcomes.


Channel Management

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Experience

Digital Sales

Product and Portfolio Management



An evergreen and winning brand strategy is harnessed through “Unified Identity”. With the right balance of workforce culture, human-centered content, innovative communication matrix, and digital ecosystems, businesses can tether the most disintegrated cross-boundary functions to cohesively drive unparalleled customer stories, disrupting marketplaces as leaders. In order for organizations to carve a discernible position in the global market, they must develop a strong, inclusive brand strategy that connects to customer emotions. Cognitute brand strategists build superlative brand toolkits that not just communicate the purpose but leapfrog organizations into orbits of everlasting loyalty, emotional buy-in, and advocacy. Cognitute's marketing strategy development services provide businesses with a roadmap to building a strong, inclusive brand strategy that connects with customer emotions, helping organizations carve out a discernible position in the global market and drive unparalleled customer stories that disrupt marketplaces as leaders.


Reinvigorate market positions and discover untapped capabilities over a comprehensive non-obligatory workshop.

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Disruptive organizations exist not to explore the future but to create one and the common denominator in all these organizations is their herculean strategic values subsumed through deep-rooted innovation, next-gen portfolios, and wholly harnessed workforce intelligence translating to higher shareholder returns.

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Ashok Deepan, Managing Director & Partner

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