Activate right enablers, assets, culture. and governance to embed data and analytics at the heart of operating model
Build a data-driven organization to transform opportunities into values faster and efficiently by deploying an array of sensors across operating models, applications, financial ecosystems, and talent.
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Data Analytics Consulting

In a digital world, businesses and consumers are surrounded by a constant, dynamic stream of data. Becoming a data-driven organization allows this data to be leveraged to achieve transformation and intelligent business processes, but extracting valuable, accurate data efficiently remains a challenge for many leaders.

Effective use of data and analytics requires organization-wide, data-driven transformation, incorporating intelligent data governance and extracting data from silos, upskilling or hiring talent, transforming workplace culture and workforce mindsets, and utilizing appropriate data assets. With these enablers in place, data and analytics is a key pillar for driving business growth and increasing value.

Seamlessly adopting a new way of working requires employees to be educated and supported, and all members of the organization must be driven toward the same vision of sustainable, data-driven success. This transformation must be embedded into all aspects of the business, instead of limited to teams primarily dealing with data and analytics. Cognitute’s data analytics consulting framework is designed to tailor craft superlative vision and foundation–anchored on this well-thought foundation are enablers and levers meant to generate superior strategic outcomes and to drive growth relentlessly. 

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Anchored On Foundational Values: Cognitute’s Approach to Analytics

One of the most Herculean roadblocks is quite often the smaller components– combined, they become every organization nightmare. For most companies, their own legacy IT infrastructure, siloed business functions, fragmented technologies, and poor digital governance are hindrances to incline toward a data-driven organization. Cognitute’s data analytics consulting 4.0 framework decodes the biggest barriers toward data transformation, decoupling them into bite-sized resolvable challenges through the deployment of a robust digital transformation roadmap. Our data analytics services allow optimizing current ecosystems to be seamlessly tethered to new digital platforms through full-scale middleware and API integrations. Cognitute’s approach to data analytics creates strong, foundational processes and systems for developing and delivering analytics strategy and capabilities.

Digital Maturity Assessment For An Decisive Roadmap & Blueprinting

Few organizations underestimate pitfalls that arise from transformation exercises such as pivoting to data-centric business models–From over one hundred and twenty use cases, Cognitute identified 43% of the transformations had one or more core business levers being indirectly impacted which on occasion came to spotlight only during the yearly business reviews–directly related to incorrect roadmaps and visionless approach led to 67% adoption rate and up to 12X increase in capital infusion into the change program. During the encapsulation stage, Cognitute data analytics consultants deploy a vigorous digital maturity assessment tool to scrutinize the current digital landscape and plot focus areas, and underlying gaps not visible to operational stakeholders. Indices derived from the assessment assist data consultants in devising a decisive outcome-driven blueprint alongside crystal clear roadmaps aimed to drive sustained results.


Identifying Business Data Structures

Cognitute analytics consulting optimizes ease of data management and repurposing, data structures, and relationships between data objects are identified and clearly defined. Using a transformation roadmap and individualized milestones, a blueprint is also curated for data structures and the flow of data between business functions. Cognitute deploys a transformational launchpad individually tailored to the needs, goals, and digital vision of an organization to pace the change efforts and to capture the entire visibility of the data ecosystem and requirements of data flow.


System Integrations And Data Warehousing

Data warehousing allows data to be sorted, formatted, and safely stored via data integration. This facilitates expert data analysts to compare data across sources and extract valuable, relevant insight. One of the common pitfalls of data transformation is siloed data ecosystems, decoupled technologies, and run-of-the-mill digital governance. Organizations with forward-thinking mindsets were able to design high-caliber roadmaps that look beyond conventional automation and digitization. Cognitute's data consulting solution helps organizations to develop a data culture anchored by digital operations that include integration frameworks, cloud infrastructure architectures, and warehousing.


Deploying Analytics Ecosystem

Data infrastructure, digital ecosystem, and cutting-edge applications are components of data analytics, which provide intelligent, data-driven guidance for business decisions and allow the flexibility for data management to change over time. Our data analytics consultants build an agile and responsive analytics ecosystem strategy–one that is structured to meet current business objectives and scale for tomorrow’s needs. One of the potent components of data analytics is Artificial Intelligence, Certified data science consultants leverage AI to transform core functions–including customer experience, service operations, supply chain, and sales and marketing generating predictive models with precision.


Always On Analytics

Providing responsive, adaptable analytics requires an “Always On” approach that is able to be easily scaled while remaining expert-led. We have assisted clients across a varied range of analytics applications- retail analytics, business analytics, e-commerce analytics, marketing analytics, financial modeling, and healthcare analytics spreading over a dozen industries. Cognitute analytics consulting deploys strategies that are engineered to enable faster decision-making and making the next best move, sparking innovation and gearing to spur growth.


Related Analytics Consulting Services

Responsive Finance Function With Financial Analytics

Finance has become more complex, facing more demands and pressure from investors and shareholders for greater transparency, governance, and risk management–Adding to the complex environment are changing regulatory environments. Legacy makeshifts and quick fixes cripple the finance functions' confidence and restrict CFOs from discharging their responsibilities. Finance has gained an ever-increasing, complex role in business management. Now, finance functions face expectations for productive partnering, and resilience in the face of a changing economic climate. To mitigate the increasing pressure faced by CFOs in the ever-changing economic climate, the utilization of analytics in areas such as forecasting, cost tax, capital investment management, and risk management, along with effective pricing and revenue management, can enhance finance functions' resilience and productivity.

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Supply Chain Reinvention By Leveraging Supply Chain Analytics

Data is an essential pillar of successful digital transformation and facilitates a highly effective level of supply chain management for organizations. Supply chains that support the dynamic nature of a digital world require expert use of supply chain analytics, allowing data to be mined and utilized for proactive planning, valuable insight, and faster, data-driven decision-making.

Procurement Analytics

Procurement analytics drive insightful decision-making, improved operations, increased value, and predictive budgeting through intelligent use of procurement data and advanced analytics.

Predictive Inventory Analytics

To anticipate and adapt to fast-paced change, organizations utilize predictive inventory analytics to evaluate future possibilities, allowing forward-thinking adjustments to adapt to new circumstances while continually gaining insight from past data.

Logistics Analytics

Coordination and improvement of logistical functions are essential for efficient, cost-effective operations and movement of goods. Using logistics analytics creates optimized management of goods, services, and processes by integrating inventory, transportation, packaging, and flow of information.

Reinvigorate business functions to drive sustained value by leveraging next-generation data analytics capabilities. Schedule a non-obligatory analytics capability survey.

Advanced Customer Analytics And Insights

A large proportion of business success hinges on customer action, creating a focus on data-driven decision-making to improve and personalize the customer experience. Advanced customer analytics creates a point of difference in the marketplace by improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Customer Analytics

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Embedding customer analytics within products and services allows customers to feel informed and connected to a business, while additionally allowing customer actions to be guided to generate value. An embedded platform that fits seamlessly within the current workflow, while providing context-based insight, allows users to intuitively utilize analytics during decision-making.


Customer Insights

Customer insights can now be automatically generated from customer data via technologies such as AI, allowing valuable information to be readily available to guide business decisions. Industry leaders leverage customer insights to make more intelligent decisions, including infusion of customer analytics within the organization, allowing individualized insights to be accessible to all employees.



Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics facilitates a deep level of understanding of users and customers in a customer-centric marketplace. The businesses successfully leveraging behavioral analytics show an 85% out performance in growth of sales, cementing a role as industry leaders. As digital channels become increasingly essential for marketing and brand reputation, leveraging these channels to become as effective and efficient as possible has become essential for a competitive digital advantage.



Customer Service Analytics

Brand loyalty hinges on customer satisfaction as a key factor for creating a positive public reputation that will lead to further customer acquisition. Bridging the gap between what a customer expects, and the customer service and support they receive, is critical for cutting-edge success against competitors within the industry. Delivering an optimal customer experience has become more accessible than ever as today's industry leaders implement customer experience strategies that utilize predictive technology and analytics to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the support they receive, thereby fostering brand loyalty and positive public reputation.

Customer service analytics allows businesses to leverage collection and analysis of customer feedback and the customer experience with the business while moving away from more traditional, survey-based systems. Interaction data contains insight regarding customer expectations, needs, and experiences, which is unlikely to be captured in a questionnaire. Measuring the performance and time efficiency of customer service teams through analytics allows leadership to create a streamlined process that optimizes customer service performance.



Consumer Sentiment Analytics

Intuitively perceiving the emotional states and responses of customers allows businesses valuable insight into how products, services, and brands are impacting the customer base. Through this improved scope, customer communication can be adapted to improve appropriateness and effectiveness, leading to a positive feedback loop of improved customer sentiment.

Customer sentiment analytics, using a series of algorithms and natural language processing to detect trends and patterns in text and online communications, allows the classification of customer opinions into positive, negative, or neutral. This classification is essential in times of crisis, such as recessions or the Covid-19 pandemic, to monitor brand reputation and customer needs throughout changing circumstances.


Drive Consumer Actions With Deep Marketing Analytics

Upward of 80% of business marketing teams report that the majority of day-to-day marketing decisions are based on data. With the current accessibility of both dynamic analytic tools and valuable data, marketers are now able to assess all aspects of digital marketing efforts for a comprehensive view of impact.

Effective application of cutting-edge technology and innovative analytics to marketing data allows organizations to achieve a deep understanding of the driving forces for customer actions. This insight allows leadership to continually improve marketing strategies, evaluate marketing campaigns, and sustainably increase ROI.

Digital Marketing & Performance Analytics

Business decision-making is more data-driven than ever before, thanks to the evolution of improved analytics and data collection systems. Alongside these improvements, the options of potential avenues for increasing MROI and growth through digital marketing and performance analytics continue to grow in number. The sheer number of options can be intimidating for businesses, leading to a reliance on a single approach for both performance management and marketing, despite the number of options. However, any single approach has concrete limits, especially in a dynamic area such as digital marketing and performance. Industry leaders integrate multiple analytics approaches to support a diverse digital audience and improve digital marketing effectiveness by monopolizing the advantages offered by each approach.

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Social Media Analytics

Social media has unprecedented importance in the global marketplace, but how to officially leverage social media for business growth remains elusive for many businesses. On Facebook alone, there are 2.936 billion users—more than a third of the population of the world—yet many business executives lack the knowledge of how to utilize the power of these numbers to drive profit, increase sales, and expand reach.

Businesses that utilize social media analytics and scale brand social presence can create new communication channels for interaction with customers, dramatically alter or improve brand image, and create assets such as customer insights. Gathering data from various social channels, using specifically-designed software platforms, produces social media data that can be analyzed for valuable insight into social media impact. Social media consulting can provide businesses with the necessary expertise and knowledge to effectively utilize social media analytics, develop strategies for scaling brand social presence, and analyze social media data to gain valuable customer insights, thereby enhancing their overall social media impact and brand image.

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Website Performance Analytics

Data analytics provides the potential to completely transform organizations end-to-end for the creation of unprecedented value and a highly effective digital presence. An effective website with a positive customer experience acts to expand reach, create a positive brand reputation, and consistently drive organic traffic. Website performance metrics are easy to track due to accessible analytics tools, and website effectiveness is a major contributing factor to customer experience—but many businesses neglect this aspect of analytics.

While websites are relatively new on the business timeline, industry leaders already utilize tracking of website performance to make continued improvements based on changes in consumer behavior and technology. Tracking and analyzing website performance incorporates the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from both an organization’s website and the websites of competitors in the industry. Insights from web analytics tools allow customer experience online to be improved in a data-based, innovative way, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased profit.

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SEO Analytics

Billions of search-engine queries are made every day—and more than two-thirds of this traffic is limited to websites on the front page. The majority of modern customers now research products and services via purchasing, as well as researching potential solutions to current customer problems. With the rise of digital marketing, search engine optimization has become a critical component for success in the online world. 

The use of SEO analytics to make data-driven decisions allows organizations to boost visibility on search engines, generate increased leads, and boost organic website traffic. SEO analytics help digital organizations identify critical areas to focus on for search engine optimization, using strategies such as site audits, SEO content audits, analysis of off-page and on-page SEO, and technical SEO. This allows search engine rankings to adapt dynamically to external change, driving long-term increases in reach and conversion.

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Deploy breakthrough customer initiatives with Cognitute’s customer analytics and insights consulting 4.0 frameworks as an outcome-assured engagement

Compound Workforce Capabilities - People Analytics

In the past, businesses have overlooked the potential value contained within HR data, and the concept of “people analytics” was divorced from key people's decisions. Now, people analytics has risen to the forefront of executive priority, with more than two-thirds of business executives stating that people analytics is top-priority. This priority is reflected across large organizations, where the majority incorporate teams focusing on people analytics. People analytics functions are diverse across industries and organizations, with dynamic variety in team composition, size, and priorities. 

Despite increased focus on HR technology and people data management, the majority of businesses remain at the beginning of the journey toward effective, integrated people analytics that delivers a lasting impact. Leading people analytics teams incorporate quality data with effective data management, expert analytics, and sharply honed operating models. This creates an industry-leading advantage, delivering sustained growth and success.


Visualize End-to-End Efficiency - Operational Analytics

Critical operations decisions are made by leaders across all aspects of the value chain, who must be able to adeptly respond to issues such as scheduling of maintenance, production planning, and budget requirements. To create a practical focus on data usage in business processes, industry leaders choose to utilize operational analytics to streamline the path from insight into innovative action.

Identification of weak points where the business may be losing value, or under-achieving, directs leadership focus towards insight-based action. To reduce delay and improve efficiency, instead of manually making data-driven decisions, operational analytics allows automatic action on data in areas such as automation, sales, website events, or advertising. Improving data models, improving the performance of marketing teams with reduced turnaround time, and using continuous analytics create a data feedback loop that provides a cutting-edge competitive advantage through continued insight and growth.


Empowering Strategic Decisions -  Data Visualization

Aligning the understanding and vision of teams and individuals is essential for effective addressing of key issues within organizations. Without a focused alignment and solid understanding, businesses face the risk of reduced time efficiency, increased costs, and reduced incentive for innovative thinking across all levels of the organization.

Visual data displays are used by industry leaders to mitigate this hurdle, by allowing communication of data-driven insight and more complex data trends or relationships in a way that is easy to interpret and explain. Through data visualization, a stable foundation is established which increases team cohesion, highlights key points, and collects a variety of perspectives or possible solutions to drive innovation.


Analytics Ecosystem and Partnership

In the digital era of business, leaders have almost endless opportunities to transform processes and business models with evolving technology. However, just accessing these technologies is not enough for sustainable success—leadership teams must be well-versed in effectively harnessing new technology in order to increase value.

To reap the benefits of technology changes in a time-efficient, resource-light way, industry leaders choose to curate analytics ecosystems through partnerships with external experts or third-party companies. More than two-thirds of business leaders report that partnership through ecosystems is essential for sustainable success in the current business climate. Partnership allows businesses to align shared capabilities and combine resources and knowledge, producing an end-to-end analytics ecosystem that is capable of producing innovative services, new products, and reduced time-to-market.


Exceptional Turnkey

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One of the largest co-living hospitality firms was revived from recurring losses due to cash flow pilferages at ground operations.

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