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Product Management Consulting

Customer requirements, needs, and demands are constantly evolving, and in a digital world, this change can occur more rapidly than ever before creating unexpected or unmanageable demands for non-responsive businesses, leading to a loss of revenue and reduced customer retention. An inclusive product management strategy allows organizations to maintain a competitive advantage in the dynamic global marketplace.

Product management consulting aims for an end-to-end business transformation that allows services and product management to easily adapt to changes in demand or external circumstances. A well-defined corporate strategy that emphasizes on product management transformation and incorporates an improved understanding of customer needs, cross-boundary working to utilize talent, reducing time-to-market for products, and installation of closed-loop systems to analyze and optimize the customer experience.

Product Management Consulting Services

Consumer Products

Optimal product and portfolio management unlocks opportunities for sustainable business growth in the long-term, but this requires a highly integrated management approach. Effective customer product and portfolio management incorporate analysis of customer needs and adaptation of business offerings to align with these needs.

Effective product management occurs when a business is able to consistently deliver high value and a positive experience to customers in the long term. To achieve this outcome, organizations should identify key factors, and then analyze the effect these factors have on customer retention, revenue, and market share. This data can be utilized to produce services and products that are aligned with both customer needs and the core strengths and values of the organization, as well as identification of key opportunities and guidance regarding trade-offs. A well-thought-out business strategy that incorporates customer insights and aligns with the organization's strengths and values is crucial in guiding product management decisions and ensuring long-term success.


Consumer Insights

Product Design

Organic Growth

User Persona / Buyer Research

Go To Market

Growth & Innovation

Customer Experience Strategy

Product Innovation and R&D Strategy

True product innovation requires fast, focused changes in product strategy and research and development (R&D) strategy. For cohesive and effective shifts in these areas as well as execution of high-performing market strategy, R&D operations and product strategy and development must be closely linked. 

R&D teams innovate and effectively incorporate new products or services, whereas product development teams look critically at market dynamics, business targets, and positioning relative to competitors to influence the design, production, and launch of products. Communication between R&D operations of a business and product development processes allows teams within both areas to work effectively together, with frequent collaboration or discussion of ideas. By working together and fostering an environment of R&D and growth and innovation, product development teams can lead the creation of opportunities that fulfill market demands and generate new market possibilities, driving the growth of the business.

Product innovation and R&D teams are under more pressure than ever before to produce consistent, high-ranking success, with expectations of the release of successful products while simultaneously keeping costs low. These challenges can be mitigated by changes such as developing a roadmap for R&D capabilities, prioritization of investments, evaluating emerging technology solutions, and alignment between platform and products of an organization. This results in the benefits of fast design and testing of MVOs, clear ecosystem partnerships, and a refined product portfolio that utilizes analytics and market research.


Product Innovation and R&D Strategy

Digital Product Strategy And Consulting

Correct use of digital products is the key to high performance and competitive industry advantage. Digital products have the capability to increase competitive advantage, prioritize resilience for long-term success, and drive differentiation and organization growth. These digital products must be closely linked with core business values to create a human-centered experience that delivers meaningful results. The integration of digital operations and the correct use of digital products is essential in achieving high performance and a competitive advantage in today's digital landscape. 

Digital product strategy should be closely aligned with overall business strategy, leveraging capabilities including product management and engineering, AI, agility strategies, and a cohesive cybersecurity approach. These processes are then closely embedded within all levels of the organization, allowing the business to take ownership and continuously innovate digital product strategy in the future.

Utilizing industry experts with a range of areas of expertise for digital product strategy and consulting allows access to knowledge regarding niches, organization design, individual markets, and technological advances.


Product Vision & Strategy

Design Thinking

Experience & Design

Agile Product Development

Data & Analytics

Growth Hacking

Faster to Market
Product Adoption Rate
Average Shareholder Returns
5.3 X
Average R&D ROI
30 Pts
Base Points Uplift to Customer Retention
Average Boost In Sales

Reinvent product offerings to lead new frontiers as challengers.

Our Approach to Product Strategy

Product management is a fast-changing lever and is rapidly becoming more diverse. An effective product strategy utilizes visualization of the end result to create a specialized roadmap required for achieving this result, and justification of the benefits of the product design. An optimized product strategy results in all members of the workforce sharing a central vision of the product and effectively working toward the same goal. The integration of strategy consulting can enhance the product management process by facilitating the optimization of the product strategy and facilitating clear communication of the product vision and goals, leading to a more unified and effective approach towards achieving the desired results.

Product strategy creates prioritization of essential product aspects, including milestones and key features. Product management resources can therefore remain focused on details such as market position and customer demands, aligned with core targets and goals. This guarantees a product launch that is in line with the organization's vision.


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Research & Analyze Market Trends And Forces

Market trends and global forces provide large-scale business opportunities for success and competitive advantage, but expert research and analysis is needed for forward-thinking decision-making. Global forces create a high level of complexity which shifts contexts for business strategy, decisions by leadership teams, and global industry growth and disruption.

Data analytics consulting can provide leadership teams with valuable insights into market trends and forces, helping them identify new opportunities and threats, and develop strategies that promote long-term growth, agility, and resilience. Strategic analytics of market trends and forces provides valuable information for leadership teams regarding macroeconomic shifts, business performance, and new threats or opportunities which can promote or threaten business growth. Using this internal and external data, leaders are able to benefit from increased complexity by innovating strategy and securing a long-term competitive advantage, growth, and high levels of agility and resilience. Cognitute’s Growth and Innovation hub scans close to a thousand signals across market forces, business climates, signals from the internal strategic environment, and existing case repositories to build deep and rich insights to our clients.


Build the Right Thing

The economy and worldwide advances in technology have experienced recent rapid growth and change due to the innovation of emerging technologies. Organizations wishing to secure a stable competitive advantage must be willing to adapt and innovate existing products and services, as well as continue to research potential new offerings. These new concepts must be justified, validated, and expertly refined to achieve consistent sales and fill gaps in the global market. Organizations are limited by pre-Internet organization models which limit incentives for product innovation and prevent scope, deadlines, and goals from being altered once projects are planned.


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Align To Market Needs

Successful organizations place a large emphasis on agility, allowing a leading position in the global market while maintaining alignment of organization value and culture with business strategy and market needs. 

Market needs—as well as interests and significant pain points—can no longer be viewed as separate from business models and value. In the digitized global marketplace, customer requirements dictate demand, requiring that businesses align to market needs to meet demand and maintain a competitive advantage. Product management must be data-driven to align with market pressures, pain points, and shifts in customer demand.

Comprehensive market views that are closely aligned with R&D and stages of the product management result in a higher yield of marketing adoption rates. Market views should additionally be well-defined and based on key factors such as consumer interests or preferences, purchase behaviors, and consumer needs.


Enable Product Success

Launching new services or products contribute to an estimated 25% of total business profit and revenue, regardless of industry. However, merely designing and launching a new product or service does not guarantee this boost in revenue, as more than half of these launches do not succeed at hitting business targets. 
Organizations that maintain a focus on new products, while also ensuring maintenance of core values and competencies across all business functions, show improved growth compared to their peers. The most critical core competencies to ensure a successful product launch are expert market analysis, focus on collaborative effort across teams and departments, forward-thinking planning, and innovative use of talent.


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