Deploy Optimal Business Levers To Overarching Strategic Goals
Dynamically refreshed business strategies bestow competitive advantage in the most efficient ways possible while staying undeviated from the broader strategic goal laid out. Demystify winning strategies and harness true potential alongside Cognitute.
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Business Strategy Consulting

An organization's business strategy is only at its full potential if it can satisfy the changing needs of its customers while ensuring profitability over its competitors. With digital disruption blurring competitive boundaries alongside globalization, trade wars, and geopolitics–these complexities are changing faster than ever before and adding more hindrances to the success of business models.

A well-integrated, nimble strategic plan between the organization's strategy and business unit ensures programmatic execution and enables businesses to respond quickly to changing needs of the market and its customers. We help CXO leaders and entrepreneurs gain serial success through insight-driven guaranteed outcomes and help prioritize today's and tomorrow's profit pools.

Capitalize on emerging opportunities through nimble model transformation. Request our consultants for a business maturity survey.

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If corporate strategy is about allocating equitable capital and resources to generate higher shareholder returns, business unit management then becomes a vital cog to effectuate that strategy by deploying capital and resources sustainably. At times, we have witnessed rapid innovation and fortuitous go-to-market initiatives flip and rupture successful legacy models.

Bhargavi Agrawal
CEO & Founder

Exceptional Turnkey Results

Transforming an online Edtech to lead new frontiers

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, We helped a leading ed-tech online course provider define its multi-year corporate strategy

Harnessing growth innovation with winning strategy

One of the largest co-living hospitality firms was revived from recurring losses due to cash flow pilferages at ground operations.

Our community of startups and family businesses have delivered surmountable returns by leveraging Cognitute's outcome-driven partnership. Schedule a Non-Obligatory Discovery Workshop.

Our Business Strategy Experts

Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner
Ashok Deepan
Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Bhargavi Agrawal - CEO and Co Founder
Bhargavi Agrawal
CEO & Co founder

US, Europe

Rohan Sharma - Partner
Rohan Sharma
Director & Partner (Business & Corporate Strategy)

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East