Marketing and communication functions that are struggling with acquiring or retaining customers, and soaring ROI spotlight visionless social media marketing strategies, disintegrated cross-functional teams, non-customer centric culture and siloed operations–Further aggravated by newer digital channels, privacy policies, and greater customer conscience fuels high OPEX burns and lack in tangible outcomes. Marketing promotion, customer engagement, and brand communication via digital channels are some of the most challenging aspects of business growth in the current digital world. When successful, social media strategy serves as a point of differentiation and provides a significant competitive edge—but failing to secure an expert social media approach results in loss of brand visibility, share of voice, and revenue generation.

Brands that benefit from cutting-edge social media strategies leverage social media consultants who provide expertise and industry-specific social media experience to bridge gaps. Social media consultants also provide the necessary knowledge to revitalize struggling social media campaigns, as well as supplement existing campaigns with strategic planning to guide future campaigns towards success. Social media marketing consultants can help boost business by 10X by strategizing and deploying smarter frameworks to identify relevant target groups, derive rich insights into customers' emotional behavior throughout the sales and retention cycles, and render highly personalized campaigns that intrigue audiences to take the next course of action through the funnel.

What are the benefits of social media consulting services?

Collaboration with a social media consultant assists businesses in creating innovative content strategies, effective advertising, building a productive and engaging social media following, and driving conversion. Using highly individualized social media strategies drives ROI production from social media campaigns, as well as attracting new customers and re-engaging existing leads. Additionally, implementing digital operations can streamline and optimize digital marketing efforts for even greater success.

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Which type of social media consultant is best for my business?

For a smooth collaboration with social media consultants, it is beneficial to establish the roles and responsibilities of the consultant, as well as the weaknesses, strengths, and individual needs of the business. 

A strategy consultant primarily provides advice and guidance, leveraging research on the business and the customer base to create a highly individualized social media marketing strategy.​​ This includes continued guidance for an extended period of time, providing the business the knowledge and autonomy needed to continue adapting a successful social media strategy. For businesses that require more hands-on input, a project management consultant is beneficial. Social media project management consultants provide an actionable social media plan as well as a social media strategy, including specifics regarding budgeting, timelines and milestones, and allocation of key resources.

Businesses with less social media experience or past failings of social media strategy may require a social media consultant who provides strategy, project management, and execution. Working with a strategy consulting expert can help businesses overcome challenges and achieve their social media goals by providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire strategy development and implementation process.




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With more than 4.2 billion social media users across the world, businesses that fail to engage with potential or returning customers on social media platforms are failing to capitalize on countless opportunities for profit and growth. Through effective utilization of social media, businesses can drive growth and innovation by tapping into the huge pool of online users and fostering deeper connections with their audiences, leading to increased brand loyalty, customer engagement, and ultimately, profitable growth. While extensive advertising budgeting may seem daunting, it is possible to minimize advertising costs through organic social media marketing. By posting brand images, videos, and advertising copy regarding products and services, businesses can advertise points of difference from competitors and promote company culture. Brand loyalty—as well as customer response to online content—play an ever-increasing role in customer retention and growth, which must be monopolized upon by establishment of consistent two-way communication with target audiences.

However, organic social amplification is at its most effective when coupled with paid marketing techniques, which provide additional power to reach target audiences on the most effective platforms. Once potential consumers have been engaged by external marketing, this engagement can be cemented through organic marketing on the social media profile or website of the company. Through the power of social media consultancy, businesses can seamlessly integrate paid marketing techniques with organic social amplification, thereby captivating potential consumers and fortifying their digital footprint with a robust online presence.




The average social media user views 6.6 different social media platforms each day, driving the continued growth of social media platforms across the world, and within workplaces. With the wealth of content available across these platforms, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers across all aspects of the online landscape. Public brand reputation and publicity generated through re-sharing and engagement with brand content are key driving forces for online business performance and outcompeting rivals within the industry.

For businesses looking to increase performance, reach, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace, incorporating paid social advertising into the overall business strategy can help companies reach new heights with a competitive advantage, by driving growth, and by improving performance in the fast-paced global marketplace. While good-quality organic content is essential in the modern business landscape, paid social interventions are often leveraged due to the volume of competition present in digital spaces. Pushing advertisements through the most-frequented social media networks—such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram—allows businesses to improve engagement, increase conversion rate, and drive continued growth of sales.




Before the digital era, brand reputation was viewed as a consideration only for large corporations, with smaller businesses being able to neglect this aspect of public relations with relatively little consequence. Now, the digital world contains an interactive consumer base, with customer opinions regarding products, services, and brands being shared to ever-increasing audiences at an ever-increasing rate. With more than two-thirds of customer journeys beginning with a Google search, brand reputation is more crucial than ever. Effective change management, including monitoring and addressing customer opinions, is essential in today's digital landscape to ensure that a positive brand reputation is maintained and to mitigate any negative impact on the customer journey and overall business success.

Social media consulting services offered by a reputable company can provide brands with the expertise and resources necessary to implement effective online reputation management strategies, such as monitoring brand reputation, addressing negative customer feedback, and utilizing paid and earned media to enhance positive brand perception, resulting in increased customer retention and accelerated growth. Online reputation management is leveraged by brands looking to maintain or create a consistent, positive perception in both digital and physical spaces. Monitoring of brand reputation, swiftly identifying and addressing customer feedback with the potential to damage brand reputation, and advanced problem-solving strategies are strategies implemented by industry leaders to maintain a positive public image and customer loyalty. Positive representation in digital spaces through resources such as paid media and earned media results in customer perception of the brand improving, increasing customer retention and driving growth in customer value.




Stats representing unparalleled facebook advertising performance - Cognitute Consulting

Brands looking to reinvigorate marketing efforts into a content pillar strategy propel organic traffic growth quicker than their peers. Content pillars don't just set the optimal framework for brand messaging and authoritativeness over the topics–tracting relevant target audiences. But having a solid content marketing strategy is a key driver for brands seeking to boost organic traffic growth and establish themselves as authoritative voices in their respective industries, enabling them to create a powerful content machine that can influence and captivate markets and audiences.


Realize True Social Media Power that Engages Audiences and Propels the Business Landscape.

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