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Critical disruptions influenced by trade wars, geopolitical instability, pandemic, and digital innovation by competitors accentuates how important it’s for businesses to achieve excellence across the value of its end-to-end operations chain. Today’s digital leaders realize it's imperative to be early adopters of excellence to cut through the cluttered competitive landscape.

In today’s rapidly shifting business climate, support functions to core operations to supply chain, warehousing and procurement are undergoing a digitally-enabled transformation not just to break silos between units but also to drive analytical-driven decisions yielding 10X cost reduction, superior customer experience, and lightweight human capital. However, most organizations misconstrue digital operations to be digital transformation, though digital operations is infusing business processes with automation and intelligence–the latter is orchestrating systems, resources and other core business levers. Leaders who are able to seamlessly tether a purpose-led operations strategy to the overarching strategic goals outperform peers and lead marketplaces.

Cognitute operations consulting practice is nestled between the intersection of strategy, technology, and operations to deliver inclusive growth. Our operations consultants unlock true values by connecting strategies to the frontline, gaining sustained competitive advantage.

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How Cognitute Unlocks True Values From Operations

From over a hundred operations use case practices, Cognitute operations consulting arm has derived three key focal points to embed a well-oiled operational framework, Evergreen effectiveness of the framework is underpinned by how well these focal points are bound together, aligned with broader business strategy and tuned to deliver superior outcomes today and tomorrow. Cognitute stands as one of the leading operations consulting firm as we are known to deploy outcome-assured, tailored frameworks. Our proprietary operations strategy consulting 4.0 framework is encapsulated on these three focal levers.

Lever 1: Operational Intelligence

Deep insights deduced through machine intelligence are now the crux for an agile, bold, cost-efficient, and groundbreaking end-to-end operational excellence. Business units today, irrespective of the nature of their functions, are more interdependent and vulnerable than ever before. A minuscule change to one lever within the function can cause a camouflaged whiplash effect to other interconnected functions with delayed ramification, costing insurmountable OPEX burns and, at times, directly impacting customer frontlines.

Whether organizations are looking to lay the foundations of an operational framework or to reinvigorate existing ones, they must always exercise operational innovation, derive prehistoric patterns and possess predictive insights on operational needs, business climate, market trends, and customer analytics to deliver profound tangible value. Cognitute’s business operations consultants deploy an analytical-driven ecosystem to preemptively predict business metrics that are bound to break or need to align to current market trends, yielding a competitive edge and driving sustainable shareholder values.


Lever 2: Digital Operations

Digital business is not the future; it’s the present. The early shift of market digital disruption is now making organizations rethink their operating models to fit the current business landscape, win customers and lead new frontiers gaining a competitive edge. Though organizations today understand digital operations as the new paradigm and are gearing up for transformation, they get glued, linger during the change process, and lose momentum due to spineless vision, misalignment from strategy, and rapid deployment, to mention a few choke points.

Mobilizing towards digital models requires a well-calibrated agile framework blueprinted from data, anticipating future growth, and nesting people at the heart of the program. The program must be fortified by robust planning, continuous monitoring, and culture-driven to yield a higher adoption rate and gain rapid success and outcomes. By Leveraging Cognitute’s superlative operations excellence consultancy 4.0 framework and seasoned operations consultants' expertise of nearly two decades, our clients have activated superlative operational excellence.


Lever 3: People Propelled

At the heart of every sustainable operating model are workforce culture, autonomy, and talent intelligence. To unleash maximum portfolio potential and productivity and to capture new frontiers, it’s essential that organizations look at People inclusive framework, not limiting just to autonomy and culture but extending enablement via reskilling, workforce excellence, and generative leadership to reshape the future of work. Operational units that are amplified by robust organizational structures with a closely tethered digital ecosystem and integrated talent strategy have consistently outperformed the industry’s average return on invested capital.


Related Operations
Consulting Practices

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain networks have become complex, costly, and pregnable to the rapid evolvement of customer preferences, stringent regulatory, and distorted competitive landscape–to succor and win marketplaces as sustainable and innovative leaders, organizations must make their supply chain adaptive, responsive, and resilient. A holistic supply chain model is driven by clear-cut strategic goals–amplified by an end-to-end digital ecosystem, human-centered, and decisions inferred by the use of predictable intelligence garnered across procurement, production floor, and inventory right through last-mile logistics.

Cognitute supply chain consultants activate digital supply chains by leveraging emerging technologies– AI, IoT, and RPA to supply chains. Our success case repositories help to deploy ideal SMART control towers for quick response, analysis, and development of strategic operating models.


Supply Chain Operations Optimization

Digital Fulfillment Strategy

Integrated Digital Planning

Logistics Consulting
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Digital Supply Chain
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Procurement Consulting
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Business Process Consulting

Powering the right processes with technical and human capabilities accelerates process performance and cost drivers and mitigates risks. Our deep functional and industry expertise helps to uncover the priority processes that can deliver a radical impact both on the business and the customer journey. Create stunning process workflows with our operations experts that define the status quo of the organization.


Business Process Management

Metrics Benchmarking & Derivatives

Process Maturity Assessments

Change Management
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Digital Operations 4.0
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Operations Management

Operational excellence is a precursor for sustained competitive advantage–however, maximizing operational effectiveness has never been easy–trade instability, supply chain disruptions, and customer expectations fuel more complexities than ever before. At Cognitute, we collaborate at every layer within the organization unlocking values across key areas of operations– from the supply chain, service operations, and support functions. Our operations strategy consultants activate unparalleled analytical-driven project management frameworks to deliver guaranteed sustainable outcomes.


Service Operations

Sales & Marketing Operations

Support Functions

Project Management
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Transforming Support

To meet changing customer expectations, organizations must accelerate digitization. Digitization today is beyond mere technology upgrades and automation. It’s about reinventing the operating models, and their processes, and coupling the transformation journey with data models that enable automated decision-making. Our operations consultants own the end-to-end transformation journey, its failure and adoption risk, delivering assured outcomes, driving topline growth and value to stakeholders.


End to End Process Transformation

Digital Operations 4.0

Transformative Operating Models & Designs

Cost Excellence Centers

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Disruptive organizations exist not to explore the future but to create one and the common denominator in all these organizations is their herculean strategic values subsumed through deep-rooted innovation, next-gen portfolios, and wholly harnessed workforce intelligence translating to higher shareholder returns.

Ashok Deepan
CEO & Co Founder

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