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Navigate uncertainty, and flex strategic models as needed for profitable growth. Transform strategic insights into values each time the ecosystem changes, gaining a competitive edge. 


Winning in this rapidly shifting global business landscape requires a two-dimensional approach: predictive strategic insights of how and where the business ecosystem will rapidly shift and the capability to drive sustainable values derived from those insights.

In the current disruptive environment fueled by geopolitics, trade wars, and overlapping competitive boundaries– ”Alwayeing on strategy” delivers compelling stakeholder values.

Cognitute strategy consulting services help organizations mobilize for change through unrivaled strategic initiatives while mitigating strategic and operational risks.

Charting the right model to spur growth

Uncertain environments demand organizations to be responsive to unlock new sources of growth by reallocating resources, capital, and people to ideal portfolios. Making these right moves involves developing a model derived through granular insights. Cognitute's strategy consulting and advisory unlocks superlative outcomes through agile frameworks backed by data insights garnered during the proprietary business encapsulation phase.

Data-driven Strategic decisions

Data Analytics and predictive business modeling render calibrated strategic insights be it in identifying and optimizing right portfolios or de-risking organizations while mobilizing toward a change, thereby stabilizing financials, and generating higher stakeholder values. Cognitute's consulting framework is anchored on deep insights derived from both internal and external ecosystems-guaranteeing superlative and sustainable outcomes for organizations.

Maximizing through People empowerment

Great strategies factor workforce autonomy, commitments, convictions, incentives, and shared responsibilities towards the execution of the firm's vision providing balanced inertia and ownership during uncertain times. Organizations that are industry leaders deploy a forward-thinking talent strategy to ensure that long-term needs are met. People transformation correlates with increased profit, improved shareholder return, and increased growth.

Strategy Consulting Capabilities

Business Strategy

Determining the right business unit strategy today is anything but complex. Adding to the complexity are external forces of changing customer priorities, an ever-changing digital landscape, and challenging competitive neighbors. Deriving rich indices from the surrounding environment answers critical questions such as–Where are the profit pools? How well is the business positioned against competitors? What is the digital maturity index of the organization?

Before charting a new unprepared course, a candid assessment of the business unit provides organizations with unique data sets to identify its capability maturity, explore new growth areas and mobilize towards an agile programmatic future. As one of the preferred strategy consulting firms, Cognitute augments superior values by identifying and interlocking core business metrics in its engagement framework.

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Corporate Strategy

Organizations that successfully reignite growth spotlight the right portfolios through integrated business units, appropriate allocation of resources, and deploying calibrated strategic planning frameworks. Cognitute strategy consulting service prioritizes the right growth platforms through data-centered excellence centers and a stellar financial strategy to transform the org's vision into long-term sustainable value yielding higher TSR percentage points.

Join forces with Cognitute to spotlight as an enduring stock by leveraging the world's first outcome-assured proprietary corporate strategy advisory 4.0 framework.

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Growth and Innovation

Growth Transformation begins with the internal orchestration of an organization’s current capability and thereafter answering when, where, and how to mitigate upcoming changes or set new aspirations. Identifying, organizing, and mobilizing through the growth pipeline carries its risks; however, devising an organic growth scanner framework helps organizations prioritize and identify natural ecosystems they best fit into to innovate and craft products that move markets. 

An unparalleled innovation model, combined with ongoing innovation interventions, fosters success and enables organizations to identify untapped opportunities early on and disrupt the marketplace as leaders. Although innovation strategy is a potent lever that directly influences growth, it is imperative for organizations to cohesively integrate these strategies for superlative outcomes and resilience during challenging business climates. Our strategy consultants at the innovation hub extract thousands of signals to predict marketplaces and draft superlative growth strategies.

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Organizational Change and Performance

Organizations are most productive in an agile, resilient, culture-centric model, thereby economizing their true capabilities. Fortified with the right organizational design, businesses can deliver lasting outcomes and position themselves as industry leaders by driving end-to-end innovation and harnessing workforce intelligence. 

Gearing organizations for the future calls for intelligence-driven organization models and levers that accommodate SMART process designs, autotuned to deliver high performance, superior customer impact, and top values across the length and breadth of its portfolios. 

Cognitute's change management and organization consulting 4.0 framework accelerates sustainability and drives lasting outcomes for years to come. Coupled with outcome-assured engagement contracts, Cognitute organization development, and change consultants drive core business metrics and induce solid ownership during the transformation program.

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Strategic Planning

Organizations with rigid, non-agile, and reactive strategic plans remain disconnected from long-term value creation and exfoliate as laggards in current disruptive business environments. To leapfrog amidst turbulent, fast-changing landscapes, organizations must deviate from traditional siloed planning approaches and swivel towards an agile, nimble framework that resonates with that of the market.

Today, stability is less than the usual norm; businesses that embrace data intelligence, workforce autonomy, and continuous strategy orient as stable stocks and market disruptors.

Engage our strategy experts for a non-obligatory comprehensive screening using our proprietary 'Strategy Encapsulation Audit.'

How Cognitute Generates Value to Strategy Clients

Cognitute strategy consultants at our research center scan and explore key trends within the strategic environment and their impact on the business, its customers, investors, and other shareholders—Post which a well-woven agile strategy framework is proportionately nestled between a digital layer and human-centered process.

Our Strategy experts design measurable long and short-term horizons individually and plug them into the framework grid, allowing businesses to flex and match the speed of the changing environment. Consultants then own the execution and drive core business metrics sealing the last-mile adoption and change risks.

Metric-Driven Partnership

Cognitute’s proprietary strategy consulting 4.0 practice substitutes traditional advisory and takes a polycentric engagement approach tethered to decisive metric assured ownership.

Derisk From Change and Adoption pitfalls

Our consultant's partner at every layer during the execution cycle, mitigating change frictions through continuous monitoring and deploying quick response levers to ensure business continuity and a stable upward graph.

Intelligence Driven Strategies

With the abundance of data available to organizations, it has become essential to leverage rich insights inferred from within the strategic environment and external trends to make informed decisions, pursue preemptive transformation embedding resilience, and drive sustained growth. Cognitute strategy consultants nestle data and digital ecosystems to exploit rich insights garnered from billions of signals to unlock the true potential, generating superior shareholder returns.

Cognitute’s Global Forces and Trends Tower

Future sensing business climate changes and scanning trends abets nonreactive strategies and fosters organic growth journeys. Cognitute's monitoring tower keeps clients in the knowledge spectrum to craft proactive measures and explore untapped opportunities.

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Ensuring a more equitable and inclusive winning strategy is the new sustainable norm for groundbreaking businesses. The strongest innovators are continuously mastering new capabilities and nestling data-driven strategic models to deliver higher shareholder returns than the global industry benchmark, drive superior outcomes, and lead new frontiers

Ashok Deepan
Managing Director & Partner
Ashok Deepan Rajkumar, Managing Director & Partner Cognitute Consulting

Spotlight as a great stock through Cognitute’s proprietary outcome-driven consulting 4.0 practice

Turnkey Projects From Strategy Practice

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Transforming an online Edtech to lead new frontiers

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, We helped a leading ed-tech online course provider define its multi-year corporate strategy

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Plants sorted by their lengths that indicates growth and sustainability - Cognitute

Harnessing growth innovation with winning strategy

One of the largest co-living hospitality firms was revived from recurring losses due to cash flow pilferages at ground operations.

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