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Cognitute’s software consulting 4.0 framework unlocks true values throughout the software product development cycle amplifying product maturity, project superiority, speed to market and product adoption.


Software Consulting And Development

The evolution of software products integrates business models and new business designs, which are constantly innovating and redirecting the future of business. Old business models are shifting to incorporate technological advances such as AI, highlighting the need for organizations to effectively transform to meet customer expectations and create sustainable long-term growth. Businesses are under constant, fast-changing pressure to design and implement impactful ideas quickly while maintaining a high level of cost-efficiency.

Cognitute’s software consulting involves an overhaul of engineering and functions of software products through innovation pipelines, optimization, and analysis of existing R&D strategies, accelerated introduction of new or improved products, and effective implementation of systems regarding product life cycle. This overhaul results in design-led, customer-centric development of products, creation of an optimal R&D operating model, improved product portfolio outcomes, and optimal subscription model strategies for pricing and packaging.

Software Consulting Capabilities

Technology Advisory And Services

Technology investment is often overlooked in favor of investing in capabilities such as providing an enhanced customer experience or designing and producing new products or services. In a largely digitized world, failing to invest in technology can cause businesses to fall behind the competition and fail to monopolize on opportunities for growth and success.

To benefit from a long-term competitive advantage, organizations must shift focus to leveraging new technologies and optimizing technology investments. By utilizing Cognitute's cutting-edge change management services, businesses can effectively leverage existing technology investments and strategically invest in new technologies, resulting in a sustained competitive advantage. Cognitute software technology advisory and services allow businesses to maximize the value of existing technology investments as well as invest in new technology.

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Product Engineering

Cognitute’s process of product engineering incorporates everything from the concept for a new or improved product through to the creation of a fully-realized product. Product engineering is divided into separate divisions or phases that involve specialized teams working on different aspects of the product, whether this is the generation and screening of ideas, testing of new concepts, developing of products, and marketing reviews. Cognitute's end-to-end product management strategy seamlessly incorporates all stages of product engineering, including idea generation, concept testing, product development, and marketing reviews, leading to the successful launch of innovative products.

An expert product engineer is often individually assigned to a specific project to guide the product concept through all phases of product development and finally launch the end result for sale. Accessing support and consulting for factors such as design of new products, introduction of new products, and development of prototypes allows organizations to optimize product design, introduce new products cost-effectively and quickly, and produce prototypes to test, evaluate, and validate product design.

Tech Stack Assessment

Cognitute technology stack assessments allow optimal identification and management of the technology stack by assessing current capabilities and weaknesses, determining the technology vision, evaluating value proposition, and gathering information regarding version and updates for technology items. By harnessing the prowess of Cognitute's enterprise software consultants in technology stack assessments, companies can revamp their technology infrastructure and make well-informed decisions regarding their technology investments, all while gaining insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their current systems, assessing potential risks and opportunities, and receiving recommendations for optimization and innovation.

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Experience & Design

Technological advantage now gives significant power to end users, regardless of purchasing the products. Consumers value experiences that are fast, secure, convenient, and highly personalized, and there is significant pressure to achieve this across all industries. Design and engineering of technology products must be highly optimized to consistently deliver a design that produces a positive user experience.

Experience can be optimized via user experience research, which facilitates the collection and analysis of data surrounding consumer behavior and needs through task analysis and observation. Experience testing and contextual observation create a more in-depth understanding of user thought processes, feelings, and activity structure. This information can be used to optimize the experience of mobile applications, as well as guide product design for improved product experience. Cognitute employs a cutting-edge customer experience management approach that combines thorough user experience research and contextual observation to equip businesses with the necessary tools and insights to optimize their mobile applications and product design.

Minimum Viable Product Development

Minimum viable product describes a product early in the development cycle which has sufficient features to attract customers, secure sales, and validate product design. However, Cognitute’s proprietary approach to a minimum viable product assists clients in receiving valuable open feedback from early-adopter consumers, which can be used to guide and improve the development of the final product. Cognitute’s MVP framework allows products to be released quickly and to learn from the response of the target market to the product idea before making a large-scale financial commitment to development.

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Product Development

Successful, innovative product development is key to securing success in a global market full of significant fluctuation and disruption. Failing to efficiently and effectively develop products leads to losing competitive advantage in the industry, loss of profit, and reduced business growth. Product development that is correctly implemented results in reduced time-to-market, reduction of costs related to R&D, improved customer experience, and improved motivation and incentivization of employees. Improvement of product development and innovation incorporates essential factors such as comprehensively enhancing product strategy, analyzing and improving portfolio strategy, adopting new technology or improving the use of existing technology, and re-design or alteration of operating models.

Identify and pin technology barriers with our proprietary software development consulting framework.

Exceptional Turnkey

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