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What is a corporate strategy?In actuality, corporate strategy is the art of managing capital, allocating appropriate resources, preemptively mitigating risks, dropping weaker value portfolios through strategic trade-offs, and translating vision into specific strategic moves. A triumph corporate strategy will likely identify the right portfolio, prioritize appropriate growth levers and underpin it with equitable capital and resources to clock the required financial goals.

An incumbent strategy will also transform vision into tangible outcomes and ensure an enterprise's true value and potential are visible. Uncertainty is accelerating at a rate defying standard business models' lifespan; organizations with interminable corporate strategy roadmaps foresee emerging opportunities–capitalize on them and drive sustained values, including profitable growth.

There are three main levers tethered to a successful corporate strategy:


Allocation of Resources (People and Capital)

Inferred from clear cognizance of the competitive landscape, identifying internal capabilities and aligning core competencies alongside risk-adjusted return capital is essential to maximize an enterprise's value. A well-balanced portfolio can also help businesses manage risk, enable innovation, and respond to changing market conditions.


An Incumbent Organizational Design

Ideal corporate structure, systems, and governance factors workforce autonomy, commitments, and shared responsibilities toward the execution of the firm's vision. Activating an high-performing organizational engine by coupling purpose, design, and culture is essential to leapfrog from cluttered competitive landscape.


Portfolio Management and Strategic Trade-offs

Successful businesses must balance competing priorities to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. The key to effective trade-offs is to carefully drop weaker portfolios and focus on long-term value projects. Optimal portfolios, growth platforms, and diversifications help set financial stability and generate higher rates of returns.

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Corporate Strategy

A great corporate strategy emulates enduring values by augmenting the right mix of assets, portfolios, capital, and resource. Organizations that stayed buoyant during turbulent periods stuck to run-of-the-mill processes and allocated capital and resources using the same conventional approach. On the contrary, market disruptors didn't just thrive during these challenging times but uncovered untapped opportunities and led marketplaces as challengers.

Our research identified leaders that were dynamic resource allocators-remained consistent performers, overcame stagnation, and shook up the status quo in their respective markets, while others remained unconscious laggards in a cluttered competitive environment. Cognitute's corporate strategy consulting 4.0 framework helps businesses simulate models inferred from data sets of emerging trends within the current strategic landscape and external market conditions.

CXO Office Excellence

Integrated-business unit strategies

Organizational Redesign & Restructuring

Performance Improvement

Calibrating Assets, Capabilities & Processes

Divestitures & M&A to enhance portfolio & Market Share

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Portfolio Strategy

Most organizations passively purview their portfolios through a yearly financial review, thereby missing segment-level opportunities within the existing portfolio and thwarting its growth engine. Businesses that steer portfolios with prudent strategic goals and deploy intelligence-driven resource allocation drive higher TSR percentage points and superlative returns. 

Cognitute's strategy consulting unearths organizations' true potential and internal capabilities, helping them make the big move and capitalize on them effectively. Additionally, Cognitute assists organizations in fine-tuning their pricing and revenue strategies capturing greater value from current and potential cashflows, maintaining a competitive position, and ensuring profitability within their respective marketplaces.

Industry Trends & Forces

Resources Allocation

Regulatory Strategy

Capital Allocation

Growth and Innovation

The epitome of growth transformation underpins an organization's aptness to accurately identify, organize and mobilize toward opportunities that fit its capabilities and ignite innovation to develop products that dominate markets as disruptors. 

As customer preferences evolve dynamically in a fast-changing digital world, innovation becomes an imperative lever for an organization's growth. However, BCG states that despite 75% of businesses acknowledging innovation as one of their top three management priorities, only about 30% of them think they are good at it. 

Cognitute outcome-assured 4.0 framework not only strengthens organizations from succumbing to conventional growth and innovation pitfalls but augments a well-oiled growth engine through proprietary tools and rich insights garnered from thousands of pulses across the ecosystem. Cognitute strategists identify key drivers linked to the overarching strategic goal and implement effective models that unlock true purpose and value. Furthermore, by nesting an agile digitally powered customer experience strategy, Cognitute seals the last mile journey to surpass customers' expectations, increase loyalty and advocacy, and foster sustained growth.

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Market Analysis & Insights

Catalyzing Innovation Commitment

Products and Services Engineering

Identifying and capturing growth opportunities

Digital Marketing 4.0

Long Arch indicating Growth and Innovation of an organization

Engage our experts on a comprehensive corporate strategy screening using our proprietary 'Business Encapsulation framework.'

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Disruptive organizations exist not to explore the future but to create one, and the common denominator in all these organizations is their herculean strategic values subsumed through deep-rooted innovation, next-gen portfolios, and wholly harnessed workforce intelligence translating to higher shareholder returns.

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Managing Director & Partner

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Harnessing growth innovation with winning strategy

One of the largest co-living hospitality firms was revived from recurring losses due to cash flow pilferages at ground operations.

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Transforming an online Edtech to lead new frontiers

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, We helped a leading ed-tech online course provider define its multi-year corporate strategy

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