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Supply Chain Consulting And Logistics Services

Volatile shifts in trade and business ecosystems fueled by a complex set of economic disruptions such as ever-evolving customer preferences, global inflation, trade conflicts, pandemics, and geopolitical instability have organizations on edge, stalemating organic growth and aerating costs. SMART organizations respond to these uncertainties by deploying an accurate amalgamation of digital and human capabilities. While end-to-end digitization spawns predictive demand forecasting and economical functioning of the supply chain–an empowered workforce mirrors the broader vision of the organization and portfolio strategy. At Cognitute, supply chain consultants sift through blocks of data generated from rich use cases and from the internal business environment to craft niche yet industry-tested models outflanking standard metric benchmarks.

Cognitute supply chain professionals and logistics consultants sift through blocks of data generated from rich use cases and from the internal business environment to craft niche yet industry-tested models outflanking standard metric benchmarks.

Reinvigorate Supply Chain Operations

An incumbent supply chain operating model factors customer-centricity, talent intelligence, and workforce empowerment geared by digital operations to enhance productivity and capture end-to-end value. To gain higher visibility on the overarching network, organizations deploy centralized towers to relay optimal manufacturing production, tactical handling of operations, develop predictive inventories, and ascend gradually through the sustainable chart both during crises and normal business climates.

Supply Chain Management Reinvention

Transforming to a SMART resilient AI-powered supply chain is more complex and demanding than said, trajecting toward a sustainable value-driven supply model needs a well-strapped foundation led by a deeply aligned strategic vision, a transparent ecosystem of critical assets, and an agile framework to equitably embed digital and human capability.

Data-driven Logistics

Utilizing, enriching, and combining digital data allows key logistics systems and processes to be sustainable yet efficient and provides the advantage of accurate prediction of consumer demand. Using predictive analytic systems, collating historical data, and analysis of trends results in the prediction of future behavior based on customer preference and trends. Outside predictive analytics, data in logistics can additionally be used for improved delivery services, automation of services, and navigation and weather analysis.

A wide range of logistics sectors benefits from data-driven change, ranging from organizations that transport perishable goods, to the construction industry, and those sectors involving urban logistics. Across all logistics organizations, there is a core dependence on the accuracy, time efficiency The advantages of data-driven logistics include reduction of costs and improvement of overall efficiency alongside sustainability.

Augment efficient and sustainable supply chain with Cognitute’s proprietary outcome-driven practice

How Cognitute Generated Value to Supply Chain Clients

Cognitute's supply chain consulting and logistics consulting services deploy an agile and disciplined framework that combines the right proportion of human, advanced modeling, and tech enablers to unlock maximum value fast. Our agile and disciplined framework for supply chain operations, which combines advanced modeling, technology enablers, and the right proportion of human input, has allowed us to consistently unlock maximum value for clients at Cognitute Consulting, as evidenced by our track record over the last decade.

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A wide range of logistics sectors benefits from data-driven change, ranging from organizations that transport perishable goods, to the construction industry, and those sectors involving urban logistics.


Supply Chain Diagnostic

Supply chain diagnostics utilize a comprehensive analysis of the supply chain, involving the organization’s current strategy and processes, current market factors, internal systems, networks, and workforce. Once the diagnostic analysis has taken place, this data is used to generate a detailed, specific blueprint that targets key weaknesses and identifies areas requiring improvement, while monopolizing on strengths. Supply chain diagnostics allow the design of a supply chain that is able to meet and exceed customer expectations and account for shifts in potential markets and locations. This reduces the vulnerability of the supply chain to economic disruptions. A supply chain redesigned for agility, adaptability, and long-term sustainability will support and enhance the current business strategy of the organization and allow a quick response to fluctuations in demand. Our supply chain consultants are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that combine thousands of data signals from within and outside the supply network to map current and future predictable factors that the organization needs to prioritize as a strategic initiative, trajecting organizations as proactive responders and market challengers in environment sustainability, costs, and an incumbent customer-centric supply organization.

A photo of a shore from a plane indicating the supply chain management and logistics - Cognitute

Sustainable Supply Chain Operations

Global changes such as the Covid-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and changes in trade cause significant disruption to the global marketplace and have highlighted the need for businesses to have sustainable, resilient supply chain operations. Regardless of an organization's supply chain’s position on the maturity curve, there is a significant opportunity to secure a competitive advantage and increased resilience via the transformation and redesign of the supply chain. Along the supply chain, there is a wide range of threats such as unexpected or unnecessary costs, production or delivery delays, and human or machine error. These threats result in loss of value and, in the long term, result in underperformance of the supply chain and a lack of realization of target gross margin gains.

Design of sustainable supply chain operations creates a supply chain that is responsive to customer needs and demands and maintains resilience and sustainability while still preserving affordability and efficiency. This results in overcoming significant capacity limitations, use of cutting-edge digital technology, resilience despite margin pressure, an overall increase of capabilities across the supply chain. During the annual business strategy review, companies can incorporate sustainable practices into the supply chain operations, as it demonstrates a significant improvement in operational efficiency and sustainability.

A ship at a harbor suggestive of efficient Supply Chain Operations and Logistics - Cognitute

Strategic Inventory Planning

Strategic inventory planning uses collection and expert comprehensive analysis of current trends in the local and global market to predict likely future outcomes and plan accordingly. Forecasting of future trends, demands, and threats in the supply chain allows strategic planning and data-driven decision-making for key business processes. By incorporating the latest market trends and analysis, corporate strategy can be strengthened, enabling the company to remain competitive and respond to changes in the market. Relevant trends may include microeconomic factors, geographic factors, and fluctuations in customer needs and customer demand, which are analyzed using algorithms and forecasting software. Supply chain forecasting and strategic inventory planning results in a reduction of warehouse costs, efficient transportation, and optimized inventory costs, while additionally improving customer experience and retention by preventing stock-outs and improving supply chain agility.

A picture of a warehouse indicative of excellence in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Operations - Cognitute

Digital Supply Chain

Use of a digital supply chain ensures lower costs whilst simultaneously positioning organizations to increase reliability, efficiency, and agility. A holistic digital supply chain approach allows businesses to have end-to-end visibility through the entire supply value chain, in real-time. Nesting emerging technologies– AI, IoT, and big data with the know-how of humans allows seamless cross-functional agile supply operations. Cognitute’s strategy consultants activate and harness the true potential of AI-powered forecasting and demand planning allowing companies to manage their assets, and inventory in the most frugal manner. Deployment of next-generation control centers, helps organizations gain deeper insights into the vast complex network, shift models as per the business climate and break down silos.

A digitally connected city signifying the best supply chain and logistics operations - Cognitute

Post-Merger Supply Chain Restructuring

Although an organization’s supply chain is closely correlated with customer footprint and manufacturing processes, supply chain restructuring is an often-overlooked aspect of mergers and acquisitions. Restructuring of the supply chain following M&A reduces the inherent risks involved with this complex process, cutting down on forecasting error, reducing the incidence of stock-outs, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing the complexity of products. Incorporation of post-merger supply chain restructuring results in M&A threats being recognized and mitigated quickly, and allows strong governance which provides the organization with valuable oversight and clear guidance. Improvement of alignment between the business as a whole, and the supply chain workforce and processes, reduces infrastructure spending and other unnecessary costs while improving profitability.

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Optimized Supply And Logistics Network

Optimization of the supply network allows efficient use of cutting-edge technology, including resources such as AI and blockchain, to improve the performance of the supply chain and increase responsiveness and efficiency. Efficiency of the supply chain is crucial for a positive customer experience, customer retention, and diversification of the customer base, which then leads to improved sustainability and resilience of the supply chain in the long term. By embodying warehousing and procurement practices, such as implementing inventory control systems and sourcing the right suppliers and materials, the supply network can be optimized for overall efficiency and performance. Efficient order management systems, visibility of the supply chain to leadership, and real-time, data-based support of decision-making result in sustainability and efficiency across the supply chain.

Changing the design of the supply network for optimized performance incorporates design processes such as the location of facilities, flow of products between warehouses, planning of manufacturing, and forecasting of demand. A supply network can then be created using strategic deployment and inventory planning, as well as asset coordination to optimize services, communication, and delivery between the supplier and the customers.

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