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Challenge The Status Quo To Break Barriers And Lead Marketplaces For Fortified Sustained Profits And Unrivalled Shareholder Returns.

Transform strategies and operating models into actionable imperatives to generate tangible outcomes across the value chain and navigate markets smarter, quicker, and more responsively than ever before.

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Whether startups are looking to reinvigorate or are at the launch stage, It is peremptory to always be on strategic excellence to survive disruption and stay ahead in the everchanging business climate. Most startup programs largely fail because of a lack of disciplined approach–Most CXOs are aware of the high mortality rates and startups stagnating as mere thrivers. Still, despite the awareness, too many leaders pin on anecdotal evidence to improve their share of success. From close to a hundred case repositories, Cognitute has derived empirical data that suggests startups with mere ideas don’t succeed, but those who deliver long-term sustained value while transforming reactively to the internal and market forces not just excel but lead new frontiers as challengers.

Startups that are preemptively transforming towards strategic excellence are able to combat strategic crises including declining profits, cash flows, and shrinking market share. Every startup has a better version of itself, and ones that are able to unlock true inherent capabilities through a purpose-led strategy to drive serial success and deliver a total shareholder return of 2.4 percentage points higher than that of the global industry benchmark. At Cognitute, startup business consultants don’t just support clients to beat the odds and surpass pitfalls, but transform to fortify new marketplaces and traject as unrivaled game-changers.

How we work

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Radical Performance Gain Through Outcome-Driven Consulting 4.0

Our metrics assured startup advisory focuses on critical challenges and opportunities dwelling in our client's portfolio across strategy, operations, technology, transformation, advanced analytics, marketing, and more. To assure sustained symbiotic growth, we have designed the industry's unique outcome-driven partnership models that guarantee a tangible upward trajectory of business metrics tethered directly to commercials and pinned by flexi contracts to ensure stakeholders are at ease and in confidence, while our consultants lift the load of strategizing, deploying, managing, and measuring outcomes alongside CXO office.

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How Does Cognitute Assure Outcomes?

Unequaled Engagement Framework

Contrary to conventional strategic advisory, we operate exclusively on the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) framework executing and owning core metrics, KPIs, risks, and change levers, guaranteeing an indicative and sustainable numeric growth that is well-defined during the business encapsulation phase. Early into the partnership, Cognitute’s strategy consulting center develops and governs a real-time intelligent analytical ecosystem that is connected to an array of operational sensors, applications, and external market indicators for transparent visualization and interpretation of the metrics that Cognitute owns.

Metrics Bound Flexi Commercial Contracts

Strategic–operational excellence–growth or any potent consulting intervention, Cognitute’s startup consulting practice is predisposed towards radical performance gain. Unlike bog-standard boardroom advisory, key indicators are mutually identified and diametrically bound to commercial components, which are measured on monthly and quarterly milestones throughout the fiscal year. As a zealous co-owner of outcomes, Cognitute homogenizes as an integral cog of the organization by aligning its culture, and people to stay invested in our clients’ sustainable success and unlock true capabilities.

Machine Intelligence Inferred Strategic Models

Our central startup advisory hub records thousands of pulses from existing case repositories, active interventions, and from within the client’s organization across broad spectrums such as operational pulses, purchase behaviors, global trends, regulations, and core industry vitals to craft highly precise models suited to the organization's business climate–This also ensures that the strategic framework stays clear from common pitfalls, eliminates change barriers and sparks accelerated results. Cognitute’s diverse set of practitioners simulate models in live environments to derive real-time statistical insights before the change roadmap is put into motion.

Analytics Nestled Execution And Governance

Data is streaming across the business environment from an array of applications. In the right ecosystem, with the right enablers and levers, data helps to decipher hidden roadblocks and predict future outcomes. During the encapsulation stage, Cognitute’s in-house data and analytics unit map the tech landscape of our clients plotting various influential parameters–legacy systems, siloed ecosystems, and untapped data sets to design and develop an analytical engine meant to be deployed during the execution phase for a holistic view of interventions and monitoring the metrics. A data and digital analytical platform also help organizations derive deep insights, think big, and grow fast unhindered in a cluttered competitive landscape.

Credentials Beyond Conventional References

Cognitute’s consulting practice is niche and truly meant for visionaries and passionists looking to challenge the status quo for a regenerative future and that's mirrored in our decades of consulting practice, not as case studies but today are challengers in their markets. We have delivered a 2.7 percentage points shareholder return than the average global industry benchmark, rendered a 12% average boost to EBITDA, and have an impressive record of 94.35% of program adoption and retention rate.

Creativity opens eyes to unanticipated possibilities. But the right strategic operating model can be an enabler and multiplier of the possibilities.

 Unlock True Possibilities With Cognitute

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Eccentric Partnership Models

Cognitute startup consulting brings inventive, agile, and sustainable strategies that transform aspirational goals into actualities. Whether startups look to Cognitute to reinvigorate existing operating models or to set an entirely new direction, our startup advisors meet organizations where they are. Through innovative partnership models, our in-house startup consultants chart the right path to spur growth, creating maximum values for all stakeholders. Operational excellence is a critical component of Cognitute startup consulting's approach, empowering startups to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional value to all stakeholders.


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Metrics Outcome Linked Partnership

Strongest innovators and market disruptors require continual capabilities reinvention.

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Scalability Linked Partnership

We listen to your objectives to understand exactly what you and your end-users need.

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Performance Driven Retainer Partnership

To drive serial success, startups require a market adaptable and responsive

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Pro Bono Consulting

We listen to your objectives to understand exactly what you and your end-users need.

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Performance Driven Retainer Partnership

To drive

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A reasonable organization will adapt themselves to the environment and thrive while a spark-driven organization will challenge the status quo and change the environment to be an enduring stock. Innovation is no longer a growth diagnostic tool, it's about natural ownership and dominance of the newly invented space even before setting foot into that growth pocket.

Ashok Deepan
COO, Founder
Ashok Deepan - Cognitute's founder

Consulting For Organizations Led By Women, Trans & LQBTQ Entrepreneurs

A truly equitable business community representation is characterized by a tradition of trust, support, and care for a diverse set of leaders aiming to shape a regenerative future for the society, themselves and the communities they serve. At Cognitute, it's not about sympathizing with leaders from diverse backgrounds, but our inherent calling to be a purpose to their voice and influence whilst catalyzing our commitment through the journey.

Partner With Cognitute To Forge An Inclusive Society 

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Superlative Consulting 4.0 Framework

Rapidly shifting business climates, increasing uncertainty in business cycles, and a blurred competitive perimeter necessitate a purpose-led winning strategy that prioritizes digital operations and the ability to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Digital innovators and market challengers of today need much beyond the conventional run-of-the-mill consulting advisory–One that is based on empirical, forward thought-driven advisory and direct ownership of outcomes. Legacy business model reinventions, portfolio strategies, capital reallocation, and customer acquisition frameworks are more dormant than ever before due to changing market forces, customer needs, and stakeholder priorities. 

Executives and innovators need to answer critical game-changing questions–How the global landscape is likely to change–How will tech disruption, policies, trade wars, and geopolitics affect business economics, and is the organization responsive enough to wade through the tide and outperform its peers. Excavating these hidden insights brings a universe of possible strategic moves and business models that have the grit to conquer future opportunities with impressive total shareholder returns. Cognitute’s Consulting 4.0 practice has the same deep-rooted culture and belief in its core of unearthing possibilities not just for today but to lead new frontiers alongside CXOs through innovative thinking, data-centric execution, agile operating models, and owning core business levers in its entirety.

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