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Contrary to conventional strategic advisors, Cognitute business consulting services is anchored on “BOT” (Build, Operate, Transfer) framework–owning core business metrics, KPIs, Risks, and Change levers for a guaranteed, indicative and sustainable numeric growth. Craft superlative models alongside Cognitute business consultants to conquer and lead new frontiers.

outcome-based Business consulting model

Our metrics-assured business consulting services focus on core critical issues and opportunities dwelling in our client's businesses across strategy, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, and growth and marketing. Our business advisory consultants, known for their holistic perspectives, bring deep functional expertise  and have proven to be the most reliable business metrics multipliers.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management has pivoted from the traditional practitioner-oriented journal-led efforts to cognitive, emotional, social, and physical responses of a customer to any direct or indirect contact with the brand, or product, across multiple lifecycle touch points. Cognitute business consulting services leverages advanced analytics to derive and implement strategies from research-based inferences niche to the brand.

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Growth, Marketing & Sales

Businesses that leverage a new paradigm in customer insights, cultivate experimentation, and offer personalised experiences alongside data-driven decisions can learn and move quickly through the competitive landscape. Cognitute growth and marketing consultants help companies and CMO's develop human and technical capabilities—alongside right processes and culture that enable a more data-driven marketing and sales organization.

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Digital & Technology Interventions

Fast paced digital leaders are gaining an invincible advantage over their competition—accelerated by cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights. Our business advisory and digital consultants help organizations incubate, and deliver game-changing digital interventions to leverage core business metrics.

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Operational Excellence

As of 2022, operational excellence has gone beyond traditional efficiency and cost optimization. As visible during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has pivoted towards supercharging End to End operations value chain and operational innovation is now an imperative trajectory for all businesses. Cognitute helped clients achieve impressive value by aligning capabilities with digital interventions and skills, and tethering them to enterprise strategies. This resulted in a boost of 6% to 12% to EBITDA, cost reductions of between 10% to 14% in operations, overhead reductions of 15% to 22%, and warehousing and distribution savings of 10% to 25%. By delivering these superior values, Cognitute garnered the position of leading business consulting firm in 2022.

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Corporate & Business Strategy

Cognitute business consulting services brings inventive, agile and sustainable strategy consulting that translates aspirational goals into actualities. Whether you're seeking to reinvigorate existing strategies or to set an entirely new direction, we meet you where you are and invest the time to understand every key cog of the business engine from the inside out before we even engage. Cognitute's business strategy and corporate strategy consultants design superlative models for businesses to not just thrive in current market landscape but spearhead to lead new frontiers.

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Business Advisory Experts

Ashok Deepan - Cognitute COO and Consulting Partner

Ashok Deepan

Managing Director & Partner

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Bhargavi Agrawal - CEO and Co Founder

Bhargavi Agrawal

CEO & Co founder

US, Europe

Rohan Sharma - Partner

Rohan Sharma

Director & Partner (Business & Corporate Strategy)

US, Europe, APAC Region, Middle East

Sanjiv Jagdish - Associate Partner

Sanjiv Jagdish

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation, Business Strategy)

US, APAC Region, Middle East

Nick Heydari - Associate Partner Cognitute Digital Marketing Consultant

Nick Heyadri

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Growth & Marketing 4.0)

US, Australia, APAC Region

Satvinder Singh - Sr Consultant

Satvinder Singh

Sr Consultant (Growth Hacking)


Arvindar Kaur - Sr Consultant

Arvindar Kaur

Sr Consultant (Digital Growth & Marketing 4.0)

Malaysia, APAC Region

Anukesh Lal - Sr Consultant

Anukesh Lal

Sr Consultant (Cybersecurity)


Alice Madavane - AVP

Alice Madavane

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

France, Switzerland Region

Nisar Ahmed - AVP

Nisar Ahmed

AVP & Associate Partner (Digital Transformation)

Europe - France, Belgium; APAC

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